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Wedding planning is in full swing! Or, if not full swing, there’s definitely a notable sway. For anyone who hasn’t attempted to plan an entire wedding on their own, it is – as you can imagine – quite a large endeavor. While it is fun, and a great opportunity to be creative, there are a LOT of moving parts. Trying to wrap one’s brain around all those parts, or even just a few of them, at one time becomes instantly overwhelming. In an attempt to avoid total meltdowns at regular intervals, I’ve determined the best way to get through this is one thing at a time. And ONLY one thing at a time. There are times when I get excited and try to jump ahead – so I then have to put on the brakes and remind myself (sometimes actually saying the words aloud) “one thing at a time.”

So far this has worked surprisingly well. It encourages full attention to each piece, which allows for a confidence in whatever the final decision on that piece may be. We started with the date, agreeing on a four-week period (more or less) in which we wanted to have the event. After that, it was a matter of picking the location and crossing our fingers that the venue had availability somewhere within that month of dates.

When this is all over, and we look back, my guess is that the location will be the easiest of the decisions we had to make.

We scoured the internet for outdoor venues (it is Florida, after all – the weather and natural surroundings are too great to pass up) and had a solid list of at least five different spots to check out. I began scheduling meetings with the respective coordinators. After visiting the first of those venues (which happened to be a personal favorite even before we got there) we were completely sold. Tampa Bay Watch had everything we wanted (it sits on the water, has an expansive outdoor area for a ceremony and a room for the reception that feels more like a private home than a standard rental hall), as well as a well-versed, well-organized and personable coordinator. Luckily enough, there was still one Saturday available within our time frame.

Tampa Bay Watch

Tampa Bay Watch

Date – November 2013 – done.

Location – Tampa Bay Watch – done.

If everything else goes this smoothly, wedding planning will be a piece of cake!

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