Tuesday is the new Monday

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Since I’ve stopped working in an environment that functions around a weekly calendar I’ve noticed a very interesting change. Instead of dreading, loathing and cursing Monday every week, I find myself inexplicably invigorated, motived and excited to start each new week. It’s baffling.

It’s like looking at a blank canvas and knowing that I could do anything I want. Paint, sketch, paste other media, write – heck – I could even burn the durn thing up, if that pleased me. Not only is this unheard of for a Monday, this is uncharacteristic for me. Historically, the things that have interested me the most are problems (of some manner) to be solved, figured out, corrected. Blank pages usually caused more anxiety than excitement. Oh, the pressure! What if the thing I do is WRONG? And yet, somehow, a blank Monday, a blank week ahead is suddenly thrilling. That’s not to say that I spend every Monday doing thrilling things. Yesterday one of my big accomplishments was wiping down the kitchen floor. I’d made a list of things to do, and I completed nearly all of them!

The one I didn’t? That’s the one item that I’m still avoiding… and leads me to part two of my weekday discovery.

Tuesday is my new Monday.


After the glory of Monday, I’m discovering Tuesdays to be quite the crash and burn. Perhaps it’s because although I did things yesterday, and felt good about them, I didn’t change the world. Or even my world. I’ll use this week, specifically, as an example.

After completing the new blog logo design on Sunday, Monday was full of excitement – what else could I complete? How else could I get loose blog styling ends tied up for a full reveal? This morning I returned to the unchanged blog and felt like tweaking line heights and spacing was an effort in futility.

Monday morning our printed Christmas cards finally arrived – during my grocery store trip (all new recipes for the week! New ingredients! Wheeeee!) I went to three different registers to make sure I got the best holiday themed stamps. Today, Tuesday, the stack of untouched Christmas cards looks like a bigger project than I want to take on. And all I have to do is write addresses!!!

So that thing I didn’t do yesterday? I haven’t exactly finished shopping for Christmas gifts, yet. Christmas is less than 10 days away, some of which I will spend traveling… so my actual shopping days are severely limited. Does this spur me into action? No. Today it spurred me into bed for a nap.

Perhaps it was inevitable. The gloominess of Monday couldn’t just completely evaporate. It’s a phenomenon like energy – it doesn’t disappear, it just converts. And it converted to Tuesday. Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions for overcoming a case of the Mondays – whatever day of the week it shows up?

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