Thanksgiving table inspiration

Dining room painting has been nearly completed! There are still a few edges to go over and fix (FrogTape, you failed me) but things are already looking so much cozier in there! While replacing furniture and refilling the hutch this morning, I began thinking about Thanksgiving. We’re hosting friends and, despite it being a very casual event for the group, I like to fancy things up a little bit. Rather than actually fix those paint edges, I wandered onto Polyvore and played around with what my ideal Thanksgiving dining room might look like.

I like classic pieces for the most functional furniture – the table and sideboard. For chairs I lean toward clean lines, but with bold color. When it comes to tableware and decoration – I’m a little all over the place, which is how I like it. Pops of color, and a sense of whimsy, but nothing overly ornate. It’s not exactly traditional, but it has personality and feels fun. What do you think? What would your ideal Thanksgiving table look like?

Thanksgiving Table


 * Featured photo is Crate & Barrel’s Mallorca Plate

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