Thanksgiving 2014 recap

Thanksgiving may be over, but the food coma rages on…

Here’s hoping that everyone had a wonderful holiday filled with delicious food and spent with loved ones. Checking off the latter, Adam and I hosted our fourth consecutive Thanksgiving with Best Man Javi (fifth together, overall), and his fiancee, Cait (she’s a little behind on the Thanksgiving tally, but we forgive her). As has become tradition, we cooked food for at least twice as many people as would actually be eating – despite cutting back on dishes this year! Once gathered, but prior to the real cooking, we started in with Bloody Marys, sopressata and a selection of cheeses (Jarlsberg, merlot Bellavitano and brie). For the Thanksgiving feast we enjoyed another juicy deep-fried turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy (by Gravy Master Javi – he is a man of many titles), green bean casserole, rolls (both gluten-free and glutenous), sauteed green beans and D’Autrefois Pinot Noir. After a break (or a nap, if you were Javi) it was on to pumpkin pie – gluten free crust and fresh whipped cream. Still without real camera, this photo of the official spread is from my phone.

Thanksgiving 2014


Lest you believe that my day was “perfect”, filled with only wonderful people and cheer, let me tell you about the morning – prior to our guests’ arrival.

First there was a workout. As mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve committed myself to 60 days of PiYo. Despite exercise being the last thing I wanted to do on a holiday – a holiday dedicated to FOOD, at that – I forced enthusiasm and got Adam on board. So far this week we’d done workouts entitled Alignment, Define: Lower Body and Define: Upper Body. Why, oh why, did the Thanksgiving Day workout need to be entitled Sweat??? And sweat we did. We fumbled through the workout, and repeatedly asked each other what, exactly, we were supposed to be doing. While I expect that we’ll catch on eventually, the videos do run through everything very quickly… and since a lot of transitions are through downward dog (yoga pose), your head is down, facing the mat, and it’s hard to figure out what the instructors are doing. As we sat in our respective puddles of sweat, we lamented on just how out of shape we each are and hit the showers. Yesterday my legs felt not unlike a Thanksgiving jello mold. Today they are aching. That just means it’s working, right? Riiiiiight.

The next adventure was the pumpkin pie crust. It had to be gluten-free. Despite remembering the difficulties I’d encountered LAST time I attempted a gluten-free pie crust, I felt certain that this year would be easier. For one thing, I’d gotten a recipe recommendation from the gluten-free guest. However, after two failed doughs (I’m not even willing to call them pie crusts) went into the garbage can, and I’d covered both the kitchen and myself, in our entirety, with gluten-free flour, I was worried that a crust wouldn’t make it out of the rubble before the gluten-free flour ran out. Adam, sensing my distress (or possibly just worried about the potential lack of pumpkin pie), stepped in and researched (i.e. Googled). He found a YouTube video for a gluten-free pumpkin pie – crust and all – that didn’t require an additional trip to whatever sad grocery store might be open at noon on Thanksgiving. Hila, of Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking, saved the pumpkin pie. I watched the video (so fun) and read through the written version posted on her site. Using the last of the gf flour, a crust was made! Phew! Somehow, as excited as I was, I took no photos of the beautiful pie. Add Hila to the list of things/people for which I was thankful yesterday.

Now, I listen to Christmas music.

Was your Thanksgiving flaw-free? Did you try any new recipes or traditions?

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