Take me out to the ball game #HASHTAGHUMPDAY

The following is a true story.

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Just a few weekends ago, Tall Guy and I were the owners of four tickets to a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game. We invited a couple that we’re friends with. The game was scheduled for 1:10 pm on a Sunday. The couple accepted our invitation and we offered to drive to the game. We scheduled a pick-up time, at their house, for 12:45 pm. A good time would be had by all!

Take me out to the ball game… 
In a shocking turn of events, Tall Guy and I were on time for the 12:45 pm pick-up. We’re NEVER on time for social events. It’s not intentional, and sometimes we’re so late that it’s embarrassing. However, we made it! We were in the our friends’ driveway at 12:43. The surprise? Our friends were ready to go, too! They also have a slight tendency to be tardy, so we’re now batting 1000 (see what I did there?) with two miracles in a single day. Except for one minor detail.


When Tall Guy and I were just two streets away from arriving at our friends’ home, Tall Guy asked, “you have the tickets, right?”
#ofcourseweforgotthetickets #becausewecan’tbeontime #terminallytardy
Take me out with the crowd!
So, although we were all ready to go, on time, we were sans tickets. The four of us got back in the car and drove back to the tickets. Fun fact: our friends live approximately 7 minutes away from Tropicana stadium. We live approximately 30 minutes away from our friends… and no, not in the direction of the Trop. #uturn #roadtrip
Slightly over an hour later we arrived to the Trop. We headed inside, grabbed some food and beverages (Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks…) and found our seats. The Rays were down when we arrived, but we got to see some great hits and even a home run. The Rays still lost, but it wasn’t a horrible game. We walked back to my car and I found that the remote to unlock the car wasn’t working. Our friend noted that he happened to have spare batteries at home, so he’d give them to us when we dropped them off. I unlocked the driver side door and hit the unlock button on the door. Nothing happened. Put the key in, and turned. Nothing. Dead car. I don’t care if we never get back! #someoneleftthelightson #thatwasunexpected #clickclicknothing
A man, with his son, happened to be walking by as we were all suddenly realizing my car battery was dead, and he asked if we needed a jump. He was parked right around the corner and had cables (I did not have jumper cables in my car) So lucky. He pulled around, we jumped the car – hooray! So let’s root, root, root for the hoooome team… Success called for celebration. We headed to a local bar for a drink and some snacks. As we parked, Tall Guy suggested that we turn off the car, then immediately turn it back on, just to make sure there were no problems. Our friend thought we should not do that, and instead save whatever juice had been put in the battery. We did not try the car again, but went in the bar and enjoyed a few local brews and people-watching. Walking back to the car, I held out the remote and pretended to be clicking the button, with no result. They all groaned. I laughed, said, “just kidding!” and unlocked the car. We all hopped in and I turned the key. It wouldn’t start. #myjoke’snotsofunnynow #wanhwanh #should’veseenitcoming
I take the blame for that one. I never should have joked about the remote. We decided to try a push-start, and pushed the car out of the parking space. Before we’d made our first attempt, a guy walked out to his car, parked just four spots from where we’d been. I asked if he might happen to have jumper cables. He did! He pulled his car over and the cables were attached. But it didn’t work. If they don’t win it’s a shaaaaame! They were tiny cables and my car just wasn’t getting enough of a jump. Still laughing about the whole thing, and feeling lucky, we went back to the push-start plan. #sucksbutstillfunny #wecandoanything #postgameworkout
We gave it our all, over and over again. Since it was exceptionally hot and humid, we took turns in the driver’s seat to rest. Once we were thoroughly exhausted, we called a friend to drive all the way over and jump the car. His cables were sturdy, and he happens to have the exact same make and model car as I do, so it was instant success. We drove our friends home. They invited us in but, knowing the danger of turning off the car, we opted against it. We headed directly to Home Depot to purchase cables for my car. I stayed in the car, with the car running, while Tall Guy went in and made the purchase. Once we were home, we laughed (as we’d been doing all day) about how epically ridiculous the day had been. And then he asked me for his card.


I’d used his card at the bar. Aaaaand I’d left his card at the bar. Oh, I’d closed the tab, yes. But hadn’t actually gotten the card back. For it’s one, two, three strikes you’re out… #ofcourseIdidthat #parforthecourse #classiccass
There you have it. A standard, run-of-the-mill, average day in my life. Good times at the ooold baaaaaall gaaaaaame!
  • Laura @ Life with Lolo
    August 5, 2015

    Hahahahaha, what a day! Doesn’t it seem things always compile like that? It can’t just be one thing to go wrong, it has to be the whole stinking day. Glad you were able to laugh through it though!

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      August 7, 2015

      Right, Laura? “You have to laugh at yourself, because you’d cry your eyes out if you didn’t.” – Emily Saliers

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