Rebel Wilson, Lebron James and Lesley Gore – Friday Link-Ups

 Rolling into the weekend with my favorite Friday link-ups: Oh, Hey Friday, High Five for FridayFriday Favorites and Oh Hot Damn, This is My Jam (add’l links below)!


Favorite Quote This Week

Emerson Quote

Favorite Funny This Week

Rebel Wilson is the poo. And Pitch Perfect 2 was released in theaters today. Related slightly to the funny, but not the reason I chose it.

Rebel Wilson Gym


Favorite Meal This Week

Hot Dog at the Rays game. Duh. I’ve been doing so well with the diet that the hot dog was a nice treat. And, really, you can’t go to a baseball game and NOT have a hot dog. It’s just not right! Also, Rays beat the Yankees 6-1. And Yankees only grabbed that one run in the last inning. Nice try, guys. Nice try.

Hot dog at Rays Game


Favorite Win of the Week

NOT the Rays game last night. No, the Cavs vs. Bulls game last night. Suck it, Joakim Noah. You’re a dick.

To be clear: I am a Cavs fan. I don’t dislike the Bulls. But I do dislike Noah.

You Mad


Favorite Song This Week

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows by Lesley Gore. Sorry, I’m not sorry.


Friday Favorites via MeetAtTheBarre

 Have a wonderful weekend, e’rybody!



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