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This past weekend was my dear friend Angela’s bachelorette extravaganza in Chicago! Serving as long-distance planner for the three-day event (with more than a little help from our other friends) kept me busy (and frantic) for several weeks. I am now suffering post-party crash – the extended version. Energy and brain-power are severely lacking, as is my voice.

However, for the physical drain that I’m now feeling, the weekend was phenomenal. Amazing. Stupendous. So. Much. Fun. In addition to all the expected frivolity, laughter and blush-worthy moments, the events also allowed me to wear some items that have been referenced in previous posts – and are definitely worthy of status updates!

GB skinny colored jeans (color: Zen Garden)

Remember my nemesis: Celebrity Pink ankle skinny jeans in red? In the end, I never was able to find that exact brand, style and color. However, I was able to find skinny red jeans in another brand that have worked out fabulously! GB colored skinny jeans in mango red* are every bit as light and soft as Celebrity Pink and the color is perfect. Although they aren’t ankle cut, the length is better on my frame than the full-length Celebrity Pink pair. The image is the same pair of pants that I purchased, but in Zen Garden. Unfortunately, all the photos I found showing the red color were modeled by emaciated young girls. (“Emaciated” being generous) Huzzah! Success in red jeans!

With what were the red jeans worn? I’m glad you asked! I decided they were the perfect companion for Striped Blazer of Striped Blazer Stress! Bold stripes and bright color? Definitely a louder look than my usual attire, but that’s the point – to step outside the  clothing rut, to make changes and spice up the wardrobe. With two look-at-me items, I kept the rest simple. A white v-neck t-shirt and patent flats in nude. Had the particular event to which I wore these items not been champagne brunch, perhaps there would have been a photo of the final completed look. However, champagne brunch at Angelina Ristorante (you MUST go) is not only delicious food, but non-stop champagne beverages.  My focus was on Eggs Benedict (with smoked salmon – did I mention that you MUST go?), bellinis and a Bride-to-Be, not on snapping a photo of how fabulous I looked.

And there you have it – resolution on two of my previous fashion frustrations! What a wonderful feeling!

Also – I hope you exercised your right to vote, today. Be involved. Make your voice count!

* find the GB jeans here, or at your local Dillards.

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