Post procrastination – Halloween report

I did play around with Postcrastination and Propostination, but they just weren’t working out.

So, Halloween. Obviously Halloween is near and dear to my heart, and basically what the rest of my year revolves around. Yet, I’ve provided no indication of how this year’s Annual Halloween Bash went or even what costume I ended up choosing.

I know, I know.

Missing-CordSee, what had happened was… about four months ago I realized that I was missing the USB cord for my camera. There were about 12 hours when I thought I’d never get any images from camera to computer again! Luckily, someone pointed out that my computer actually has a slot for memory cards. Files transferred, problem solved. Around the same time, I ended up with an iPhone. Pulling out the phone was often easier than pulling out the camera, and so ol’ Nikon was getting progressively less use. I assumed that, eventually, I would find the USB cord and life would resume as normal, but with the memory card fitting directly into the computer, it wasn’t really a problem.

Then, Halloween. For official costume contest photos, out came the camera. Got about 4 candidates before the camera announced the battery was exhausted. (sidenote: I do love that my camera literally says “battery exhausted”, instead of the battery being dead or empty. It’s so relatable.) Ah, and then the zinger. The USB cord may not be entirely necessary for transferring photos, but it is necessary to RECHARGE THE BATTERY. Crudpuppies. Not willing to look for the cord during the Bash, I decided to rely on other people to document the event.

The following Monday, I sat down to create a post-Halloween status… uh… post. No cord? No charge? No problem, I’d just pop out the memory card – oh, wait. Where is the memory card? Oh, yeah. Still in the computer from the LAST time I did that. Never got it back in the camera. Thus, the Halloween costume images are stored in the camera’s internal memory. And now I need that cord. Well, perhaps I’d look for it another day and post the iPhone photos from Halloween Bash food that I prepared. Hm. There were a couple on the phone, but it turns out I’d dragged out the real camera for those, as well.

Earlier this week I decided to devote an entire day to tracking down the damn cord. My regular suitcase. My long-trip suitcase. Adam’s suitcase. My travel purse (read: Mary Poppins-style big). Regular purses. Living room cord basket. Living room TV basket. Office cord bin. Three additional bins under Adam’s desk, all filled rather significantly with cords. My desk. That last one took most of the afternoon. My desk provides storage (and, on occasion, organization) for correspondence and cards, writing projects and references books, filing, craft materials, sewing machines and materials, and computer. Went through the office closet and the “miscellaneous” drawer in the kitchen. No cord. This was incredibly frustrating to me. Not to mention that I actually purchased a duplicate of the cord several years ago while on vacation, so technically there are two of these durn things hiding somewhere.

Finally ordered a new cord on Tuesday night. Imagine it will arrive, and approximately 30 minutes later, the original cord will magically reappear.

Until that time, a Halloween report is simply on hold.

Silver lining? Totally cleaned out the correspondence/card section of my desk – huge improvement.

Correspondence Corner

AND ran across a forgotten photo of me with Tim Gunn. Yeah. That happened.

IMG_0670On to the next one…

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