National Bourbon Heritage Month

September is  National Bourbon Heritage Month, and I’m squeezing in my celebratory offering at the last possible minute.

(I did just explain my problem with timeliness in giving of gifts, so my tardiness for this event shouldn’t be a complete surprise)

A few things to know:

I have never been a bourbon drinker. No bourbon, no whiskey, no thanks.

My YouTube collaboration with Carrie, of, is called Bourbon & Bordeaux, but I am the Bordeaux portion of that equation. Carrie is the Bourbon lover and connoisseur.

Upon realizing that September was National Bourbon Heritage Month, the distinctions above came into play. Carrie has long tried to make a bourbon-drinker out of me, with absolutely no success. This September she thought that she might be able to win me over by making some specialty bourbon cocktails.

And by “some,” I mean… 12.

So what happened when Carrie and I got together for The 12 Days of Bourbon? The results – the good, the bad and the very, very funny – are all in the latest Bourbon & Bordeaux video.

Now that you’ve learned some new drink recipes, share the video with all your friends, and make sure you subscribe to our channel!


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