My wardrobe sucks because Hollywood

Last night I was trolling Worn on TV, and was struck (not for the first time) by how unrealistic television show wardrobes are. Sure, everything looks great, and often appears reasonable for the character, but once you track down the specific pieces the actors are wearing – it just doesn’t make any logistical sense.

Examples? Don’t mind if I do!

Penny Big Bang Theory (Kaley Cuoco)
Rain Blouse Bug Tank

Left image via Worn on TV, right image via ShopBop

On Big Bang Theory, Penny was a struggling actress and waitress at The Cheesecake Factory. There were numerous storylines about her lack of income and needing to borrow money for rent. Yet, she’s hanging out, at home, in a tank top by Joie which retailed for $144? I call shenanigans.


Alex Happy Endings (Elisha Cuthbert)
Purple Cashmere Sweatshirt

Left image via Worn on TV, right image via J. Crew

Alex was a boutique owner, although one of the running jokes of the show was that no-one ever came in her store, or purchased anything. But she’s walking around in a sweater that costs $228? And it’s from J. Crew – it’s not like she would have gotten it in her own boutique and been able to pay a wholesale price for it.

Hannah, Emily, Aria and Spencer Pretty Little Liars (Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario)
PLL Mona's Funeral Comparison

Upper image via Alloy Entertainment. Lower images, left to right, via: MyTheresa, Nordstrom, Shop it To Me, Nordstrom

Let’s start with the obvious. These four girls are all in high school. HIGH SCHOOL. Only one of them has a part-time job. Apparently all of their parents thought that their girls should get brand new gowns for a funeral. Not exactly the first funeral they’ve attended, either. Oddly, three of the foursome opted for Alice+Olivia gowns. Quite the coincidence, wouldn’t you say? And those gowns each retail for over $300, with Hannah’s dress coming in at almost $700. The Ted Baker dress that Aria wore is no longer available. The closest match I could find (still Ted Baker) runs just over $100, which is the most plausible.


How am I supposed to emulate these looks when even the characters wearing the clothes likely couldn’t afford them??? Super frustrating. I could rail on about yet another unachievable standard that Hollywood is setting forth for the women of the world, but it’s not news. No, this is just another example (excuse?) as to why I find it so terribly difficult to put together a cohesive wardrobe. Yep, now I’m blaming Hollywood for having nothing to wear.


Prices aside, check out Worn on TV if you’re looking for something you’ve seen, or inspiration from a character whose style you like. It’s good times.

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