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Yesterday was strange. Having spent every Tuesday for the last two and a half months drafting Bachelor posts, the first Tuesday without any Bachelor antics (and fashion) to write about seemed oddly empty. If you followed those posts, you likely noticed a steady increase of links for clothing worn on the show. That change seemed popular and is something I’ll continue for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette. However, during this current Bachelor(ette) hiatus, I’m wondering whether there’s another show for which I could be tracking down clothes. If you have any suggestions, or requests, please let me know!

As for yesterday, I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. So I shopped. Between the closet purge (yes, still in progress), a significant weight loss (yes, I’ll address that soon) and my birthday this past Sunday, shopping felt practically like a necessity. Part of me is thrilled to do it. The other part of me, the part that is focused on budget, panics. I’ve done my best to balance the two by focusing on items that are basics, things I need. Also, I’m shopping frugally, at places I know have low prices and working the sales.

Speaking of sales, Target is currently offering a ton of stuff at Buy One Get One Half Off. Side note: this should never be called BOGO, nor should BOGO be on the signs. “BOGO” is an acronym for “Buy One Get One.” If it’s truly BOGO, you get the second item free. If the second item is discounted half off, it should be labeled differently. BOGOHO, maybe. But using “BOGO” in large print on signs, then using small print to explain that it’s really just half off that second item… not a fan. Sign language aside, the sale covers a ton of stuff: women’s and kid’s clothing, swimwear, jewelry, shoes and accessories.  I snapped up shoes and a new bikini.

Ona Scrunch Ballet FlatOna Scrunch Ballet Flat – photo via

Years ago I had a great pair of patent nude round-toed Steve Madden flats. I wore them for much longer than I should. Then there was a pair of true ballet flats from Paris, which may or may not have damaged the soles of my feet for the rest of my life. For the last two years, at least twice a week when getting dressed I’ve lamented that I need another pair of nude flats. This pair from Target? Only $16.99. Find a second pair of shoes you like (or a second pair of the Ona flat in another color) and you’ll end up with this pair costing less than $9.

Target purple bikini white detailXhilaration bikini from Target / similar cut top / similar look

Okay, so I didn’t need a new bikini (as evidenced here), but it was my birthday and I’m one week away from Cabo, so it was fine. Also, since it was part of the Target sale, it came in under $23 (before taxes). Inexplicably, I cannot find either the top or bottom on Target’s website. On the other hand, that means there’s a slightly lower likelihood of me running into someone wearing the same set.

At Marshall’s I snagged two bras, a pair of pants and a top. The bras were absolutely a necessity due to weight loss. The bras I owned (and was still wearing) all gapped significantly. My favorite bras are Maidenform One Fab Fit Stretch Demis. They’re comfortable and create a smooth line under everything. Seriously. Best bra ever. While fully worth the $36 MSRP, I grabbed two at Marshall’s for $19.99 (together, not each). They’re also currently on sale at Macy’s.

Pants, still kind-of a need. I’m down to two pair of jeans, three pair of colored jeans and one pair of seriously questionable khaki capri pants. While I should probably invest in one pair of dress/business appropriate pants, this latest purchase was another pair of colored jeans in an army green. Vanilla Star regular rise skinny with some additional pocket detail. Marshall’s price: $16.99.

Vanilla Star army green regular rise skinny jeansVanilla Star regular rise skinny jeans / Vanilla Star cropped jeans / similar 

Also from Marshall’s was a Tresics raglan tank top in charcoal gray with an asymmetric hem (longer in back). A whopping $5.99. While at Marshall’s I checked out several plain white tees – crew, scoop and v-neck. They were all obscenely sheer. But a plain white tee is absolutely a necessity in my book, and I’ve gone too long without one. Luckily, H&M had two-fer packs of tees for $12.95. Most of the packs were tees of differing colors: a white and a black, or a white and a pattern. I managed to find the sole set of two white tees and they happened to be my size. Done and done.

This doesn’t fix my wardrobe, or bring it to where it needs to be, but I’m feeling very proud that most of these felt like solid basics to build upon. That said, feel free to help a sister out. What are some other basics that every wardrobe should include? And where do you find your basics at a bargain?


  • chelsea jacobs
    March 28, 2016

    That bikini is adorable!

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      March 30, 2016

      Thanks, Chelsea! So strange that I can’t find it on Target’s website. Maybe Target does regional stocking sometimes?

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