Latest accessory addition: engagement ring!!!

Despite my desire to tell everyone that I see, it still seems a little difficult to come up with words to accurately describe how excited I am about the newest development in my life (and simultaneous addition to my look). Perhaps it’s as simple as refreshing the nom de plume. I am Jeans and a Tank Top… and a Diamond Ring.

My utterly wonderful boyfriend – sorry, fiance! – Adam, recently proposed. We had looked at rings, together, many months ago. From those trips (and possibly some not-so-subtle hints) he chose the most beautiful, most ME engagement ring that I could possibly imagine. He then orchestrated a fabulous, relaxing, decadent day and evening  that could not have been more perfect, following it all with a heartfelt proposal. Trust me, he did good. Scratch that. He didgreat!

Adam joked that I would begin planning the wedding the moment we got home that night. I laughed, but secretly knew the truth. Begin? I’ve been planning for years! Like many girls, I’ve been entertaining wedding fantasies since childhood. Oh, nothing was ever set in stone. It’s all been ideas and ideals. However, now that I’ve got the guy and the ring? Game on!

Now, before the sirens sound and the feminist battle cries reach a fever pitch – this is not to imply that I’ve spent (and/or wasted) my life waiting for someone else to make me happy. Nor is it to say that I solely identify myself as someone’s bride. No, I remain the same person I was ten days ago, happily sharing myself with my partner, enjoying him sharing himself with me, and always recognizing that we are both independent, unique individuals that happen to blend together in a way that makes “us” just as fabulous as “he” and “I”. It’s thrilling to envision the rest of my life with someone as invested in my success as I am in theirs… and as we both are in OUR success.

That said, planning a wedding, and all the bells and whistles (and even the occasionally gender-role stereotypical nuances) that come with it, are BEYOND exciting to me right now! It’s an excuse to unleash my creative side (which doesn’t get out nearly as much as it should) and create a celebration for Adam and I, for our families, and for our friends.

Oh, Happy Day!!!

The engagement ring – although this image shows a different center stone which has NOT been fully set.

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  • Adam Robinson
    November 19, 2012

    I am one lucky man!

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