I’m kind-of a mess

Shopping. Cashdesk worker in supermarket

Yesterday evening I was in the check-out line at the grocery store when something odd happened. My debit/credit card (that I use for everything) was coming up as “unauthorized.” Despite knowing that there were ample funds in the account, and that this was likely just some silly error, I became embarrassed as though I were actually trying to use a stolen card. Cue the flushing cheeks and stammering “well, that’s weird, ha ha…” I then insisted on running my card through two more times. And yes, it was rejected each time. At this point I’m probably flaming red, but feeling about ten inches tall, so basically Elmo but a depressed, homeless Elmo that might be running a scam.

I apologized to the cashier, and the bagger, and told them I’d like to step aside and call my bank to figure out what was going on. Called the bank. Member Services was already closed for the day, but they have a 24-hour line for members. Phew! Rang through to the 24-hour line. A gentleman kindly offered to assist and confirmed that yes, a hold had been placed on my card. However, he could not tell me why a hold had been placed, nor could he remove the hold. That needed to be done by Member Services. A nice man, but really, not a very helpful 24-hour line.

“Yes, you are correct about your assumptions, ma’am, and no, I cannot give you any additional information to answer your questions, or actually help you remedy the situation. Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Went back to the dubious cashier and bagger and said I’d be stepping outside to try the ATM. She gave me a smile full of pity and a nod of disbelief when I said I’d be right back. Naturally, the card was unauthorized at the ATM, as well. (Duh) However, I have two accounts at this bank, so I transferred money (using online banking) from one account to the other and then used the card for the second account in the store. I apologized (again) to the cashier and she said, “I’m just so glad you got everything worked out,” but her face said, “you poor, stupid woman. What a mess you must be.”

This morning I called the bank and found out what actually happened. That particular debit/credit card was “potentially compromised,” so they cancelled it. Hadn’t I gotten the emails?

So following that phone call, and getting everything straightened out, I called Tall Guy to let him know there weren’t any additional problems. Here’s how that conversation went.

Me: So she claims that they sent an email a month ago, letting me know about this. She confirms my email address and tells me that they use email as their primary means of communication, so I really need to check that. Are you kidding me?? Does she know how many emails people get every day? I get, like, a hundred emails, most of which are complete junk! That’s a stupid way of alerting me to something so important. 

Tall Guy: Yeah, that’s pretty stupid. They could have at least called you. 

Well, they did call me. 

They did?

Yeah, she said they called several times, but no-one ever left a message! I mean, leave a message. I don’t pick up my phone if I don’t know who’s calling! 

Well, at least you got it taken care of. Do you have to go to the branch to get a new card? 

No, it already came in the mail. I found it.

They’d already mailed it? 

Yeah –

So they emailed, called and sent you a new card – which is basically every type of communication possible, but you’re blaming them for not knowing about this?

Well, yeah. I mean, they called, but no-one ever left a message! I mean, how am I supposed to know you called if you don’t leave a message?

HAHAHAAHAHAHHAAHHAAHAHAA – This really is all your fault. You can’t blame them for this. 

Well, crap. Maybe I am a mess.

Cass – 0, Cashier – 1, Universe – 54,872


  • Hel On Heels
    April 23, 2015

    Ugh! The worst! I hate so so much when that happens. We have this new thing at my grocery store where you have to swipe your card and then stick it in the bottom of the card swiper. Mine never wants to be stuck in the bottom so I always look like an idiot because my card is rejected. I hate it so much I now drive way out of the way to go to a different grocery store just so I don’t have to deal with the humiliation…

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      April 23, 2015

      I’m baffled. You have to provide a machine with your card two separate ways? This sounds highly inefficient. And yes, I’ll be avoiding my particular humiliation location for a while, as well!

  • Niki
    April 24, 2015

    Ok, no. I am completely in agreement with you here. Who calls about something that important and doesn’t leave a message??? My bank leaves an automated message telling you that they suspected fraudulent activity and that the card will be suspended until I call (it happened on my honeymoon). And you are not a mess! I would have been so flustered too! I’m so sorry that happened to you!

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      April 24, 2015

      That’s the way I felt about it! But then I began second-guessing myself. Thank you for validating me 🙂

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