How to pack for Mexico

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Three days prior to your departure:

Receive advice that you should begin packing two days prior to your departure and strong suggestion to begin drafting your packing list immediately.

Assure yourself that making the list is better done two days prior to your departure.

Two days prior to your departure:

Purchase any travel-size items that you may need, as well as sunscreen. Pat yourself on the back for getting this done so far in advance.

Shortly before midnight, begin packing list.

Write “travel” at the top and bottom of a piece of paper. This symbolizes that you will later come up with the clothes you will be wearing during the days that you are actively traveling to and from Mexico.

Stare at blank space between “travel” and “travel” and begin feeling overwhelmed.

At direction of husband, begin writing down necessities like underwear, sandals, sunscreen and charging cords. When husband falls asleep, abandon list.

One day before departure:

Wake up early. Congratulate yourself on waking up early. Reward yourself by staying in bed for another 15 minutes. Then another 15 minutes. Maybe another 15 minutes.

Take unfinished packing list to table to work on while eating breakfast. Play games on phone/Kindle/iPad while eating breakfast.

Move to new location to work on packing list. Decide that you want to take at least two items that are not clean and require hand-washing.

Since you’re going to hand-wash those two items, you might as well make it worth your while. Hand-wash ten items, one at a time. In between items, begin a load of laundry in the washing machine.

Remove items currently on drying rack to make room for newly washed pieces. Decide several of the dried items need to be ironed.

Begin ironing items previously on hanging rack. While doing so, try to open up some space on DVR by catching up on How to Get Away With Murder. Finish ironing before episode ends. Sit down to finish episode while working on packing list.

List and episode finished, head into bedroom to pack. Realize you need suitcase. Head across house and choose suitcase. Return to bedroom. Realize you haven’t unpacked bags from last two trips.

Unpack. Put away old travel bags on other side of house.

Move laundry.

Sit down and look at suitcase and list. Now would be a good time to tweeze the ol’ eyebrows.

After you’ve finished the eyebrows, start putting shoes and clothes onto floor around suitcase. When it’s time to put in swimsuits, you should probably try all of them on before making a decision on which bikinis will go.

Remember that you need to add chemicals to the pool. Go mix and add chemicals to the pool.

Realize that one of the hand-washed items is not drying efficiently. Throw it in the dryer (even though you’re not supposed to) for quick 15 minute run. Just to hurry along the process.

Remember that you need to run to the bank for cash. Drive to bank. Decide you should fill up the gas tank, too. Go to gas station.

Return home and to bedroom. Actively work on packing items. Except for dress that won’t dry. Put it back in the dryer for another 15 minutes.

Then again for another 15 minutes.

Print out work to take with you on vacation.

The camera you want to take with you to Mexico seems to have strange gummy film from deteriorating rubber. Tackle this by attempting to scrape off top layer using just your thumbnail. Wisely decide to multi-task by watching another episode of How to Get Away with Murder while scraping.

Interrupt camera scraping and episode in order to meet husband at Home Goods. Then go to Best Buy.

Return home and make dinner. Eat dinner.

It is now 9:00pm. Your dress is not dry, your bags are not packed and you have to leave for the airport at 4:30am.

Check in to flight online. Begin packing carry-on bag while running dress through dryer for two more 15 minute sessions.

Try to help husband with work project.

Add some more items to suitcase.


Decide it’s necessary to finish previously interrupted episode of How to Get Away With Murder. Wisely multi-task by adding packing list items to be added/tasks to be done in the morning before leaving.

Get into bed shortly after midnight. Instead of going to sleep, play games on phone/Kindle/iPad.

Find yourself anxious about having to get up in slightly over three hours and have trouble falling asleep. Add more things to packing list.

Morning of departure:

Begin adding remaining items to suitcase. Put on planned travel outfit. Hate planned travel outfit. Bring extra pair of shoes and different shirt in car.

Debate whether or not to change. Change while on freeway (as a passenger, not as a driver). Realize you left sweatshirt (only long-sleeve item on your list) at home on kitchen counter.

Arrive at airport. Knowing you will freeze on plane without some sort of sweatshirt, head to gift shop. Purchase $10 houndstooth poncho.

Board plane.

That’s all there is to it.

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  • Evelina
    March 31, 2016

    Oh my gosh I’m cracking up! And I can totally relate to so much of this. I always find the most inopportune times to tweeze my eyebrows too!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

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