How to Halloween as an adult

How do kids Halloween? They put on costumes, ranging from store-bought printed plastic child-size garbage bags to phenomenally intricate creations labored over by intensely crafty parents. They wear these costumes, grab a hauling utensil (from more garbage bags to jack-o-lantern shaped buckets), head out and gleefully run from house to house demanding candy. Occasionally they remember to scream “Trick or Treat,” but are usually more focused on picking through the crappy candy (Peppermint Patties) to get to the good stuff (full-size Milky Way bars).

College students Halloween by putting on costumes, as well. These are almost entirely store-bought from places like Party City and Spirit Halloween. They are cheap polyester and spandex and aimed at exposing the most amount of skin possible (this goes for both the guys and the girls). Instead of running from house to house gathering candy, the college student stumbles from house to house inhaling alcoholic beverages.

But how do ADULTS Halloween? What is the appropriate manner of celebration? Luckily, Bourbon & Bordeaux are back to help you out with navigating this new life stage.


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