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The dining room in our house is finally getting some attention. To recap, Adam and I moved into our first home together in early 2012. We managed to snag a great deal because although the house is spacious and in a great neighborhood, it hadn’t been well taken care of. That’s an understatement. The owner no longer lived in the home and had rented it out to three of his friends. Single men in their forties. Single men in their forties who seemed to think they were in their twenties… and living in a frat house. There was a cat that only occasionally used the litter box (which was in the hallway, on top of carpet, and seriously rank. They were smoking in the house and the kitchen was so disgusting that I didn’t even want to walk through it when we got the tour. Wisely or foolishly (still uncertain), we saw the bones of the house and knew that it had everything we needed/wanted in the long run, and we could make it our own.

This house may have been a slightly larger project than we realized – which is true of most houses, really. We made amazing strides in the beginning, but it’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time and money. Neither of us being trust fund babies, and previously both working full time, things have slowed down. A lot hinges on the kitchen. We’re going to completely gut it and change the footprint (there is no ETA for this project, need to save up a lot of $$$ for this one). Since the kitchen is next to the dining room, the dining room has been largely neglected. It seems silly to put excessive effort into a room where at least one wall is going to disappear/move. However, we’re about to host Thanskgiving with friends here, for the third time, and I decided perhaps we should at least paint the existing walls. Yesterday I completed the first two walls – in a nice cream color (that’s the neutral). Today I’m going after the dominant walls. Think BOLD!

In honor of this improvement, I’ve decided to share another area of the home that has already been improved upon. The master bath. It’s also on the list for long-term complete overhaul, but we did make some upgrades and it’s infinitely more appealing.

That was before (while previous tenants still lived there):

Master Bath Before 1


Master Bath Before 2


And this is after:

Master Bath After 1



Master Bath After 2


Master Bath After 3

If you get the song reference there, well done!

Speaking of songs, here’s my entry for Song of the Week Wednesday #SOTWW, brainchild of Helene in Between. Ingrid Michaelson‘s Girls Chase Boys is not brand spanking new, but it’s still fairly fresh to me, and it makes me happy. Enjoy!


Helene in Between Song of the Week Wednesday

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