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Welcome to Jeans and a Tank Top, the first official Day-to-Day Blog, where I try to keep things entertaining.

ArtFantastic_PopArt_jeansandatanktoWhat can you look forward to? From light-hearted, silly ramblings to deep introspection, it’s whatever is on my mind, or even just crossing it, when I sit down to write. With any luck, some small morsel will reach and resonate with you. It’s my hope that you enjoy your time here and feel comfortable enough to stay a while and share your own stories and thoughts.

To clarify, I AM Jeans and a Tank Top. It started as an explanation of my style, but is truly a description of me, and this blog. It’s a lot about an easy-going, comfortable approach to life, but it’s ALL about being classic. Timeless, honest and genuine. If you want to delve deeper into the evolution of the blog, pop on over to the very first “about” page, and an overhaul about a year and a half in.

So that’s what you can expect, and what the blog is about. And me? I’m Cass.

Now in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, my previous homes include Chicago, Tucson and Cleveland, where I grew up. I’ve worked in telecommunication, civil law and finally the wedding industry – my favorite, by far.

Recently married, with a menagerie of animals (4 cats and a dog), I craft and cook on a semi-regular basis, and read and sing constantly. Wine and food are important, but always best when enjoyed with friends. I’m happiest on the beach or by/in a pool, watch too much television and most of my brain is filled with celebrity gossip.

Cheers, my friends! Let’s do this!


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