Frittering away my free time

Ditching the day job gave me a lot of free time. It’s amazing how much, and also how very little, one can accomplish with an unlimited supply of free time. The world is my oyster!!! I can do anything!!! But sometimes that kind of freedom can be overwhelming to the point of near-paralysis. There are some days when I accomplish more in a few hours than I did during any single month while working full-time. And there are other days when changing out of pajamas seems like too much to tackle.

When the fiancé and I agreed that leaving my job would be for the best, we both had high hopes that I would spend some time getting back to myself. I would rediscover who I am and nail down some things that really excite me… and then somehow find a job that catered to me or my passions. While my mood improved and I definitely got back to being a more relaxed, goofy version of myself, trying to define myself in any way was an idea my brain couldn’t wrap around, let alone begin to sort out. So what have I been doing? Little things that make me happy. Finishing craft projects abandoned far too long ago.

Complete Craft Number One: Retro Apron

Butterick 5474A great example of my project procrastination skills. You may be thinking that this color combination is not just retro, but bad retro. It makes a lot more sense when you know that I purchased these colors to go with the kitchen in my house. The house was built in 1955 and the kitchen has never been updated, aside from some wallpaper and paint changes. When I moved in, I painted the walls two shades of bright, yellow-leaning orange. Orange Retro Kitchen It worked with the ancient wood cabinets and linoleum floor. I aimed for the accent pieces to be honeydew green. So cute. The colors I chose for this apron make perfect sense, now, right? Well… here’s the thing. I moved out of my house 15 months ago. Although the materials were purchased while still living with the cute kitchen, I didn’t actually open the pattern (Butterick B5474) and begin cutting fabric until after I’d moved out (but still before quitting my day job). Finally completed the apron about two weeks ago. Our new kitchen is not likely to include any of these colors. Yes. I have a procrastination problem. However, I also have a new apron!!!

Complete Craft Number Two: Earring Holder

Picture Frame Earring HolderIn the end, the earring holder project probably only took 20 minutes from start to finish, and it’s ridiculously simple. Choose picture frame, remove matte board, glass and backing. Using wood glue (on a wood frame) add square dowel pieces to back top and sides (to help position frame away from wall when hanging). Choose ribbon and/or lace, trim to width of frame, tack into place with thumbtacks. Hang on wall. Better than a box, where you can’t see all your earrings, and takes up less valuable counter space than an earring tree. What do you think?


In the last few months I’ve also put a lot of time into turning the weed-mulch mess directly outside of our front door into an herb garden. We kept the palm tree, put in a patio and raised the stoop directly outside the door by six inches. The garden area was cleared, tilled and segregated via pathway into six sections. The Thai Basil, Purple Basil, Lemon Grass, Garlic Chives and Oregano are very happy. Dill and Parsley are hanging on, but not quite flourishing. The Cilantro is struggling. I’m still waiting for Sweet Marjoram, Nasturtium, Lavender and Anise Hyssop to pop their little heads through the dirt. The end list has nearly 30 herbs on it, but August in Florida isn’t the best time to begin looking for, or transplanting tender little plants.


Picture Frame Earring Holder    Butterick 5474

Now, as far as I know, none of these projects will create income.

Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

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