#FeelingBeautifulin5 with Freeman Beauty Masks

I was recently offered an opportunity to try out five different Freeman Beauty masks in exchange for my honest review of same. This was a no-brainer for several reasons.

1) I’ve always loved Freeman Beauty as a brand. In fact, I have fond memories of using their products as early as my middle school years.

2) Face masks? Heck yes! Face masks have that dual bonus of not only treating your skin, but feeling like such an indulgent, pampering experience.

While I have, in the past, regularly used two of the five products that Freeman Beauty provided for me, it had been a while. Let’s just say I won’t be allowing that kind of time to lapse again.

Cucumber Peel-Off Mask

Freeman Beautiful Cucumber - PackageMarketed to clarify and renew skin, I chose this mask first. It had been a long time since I’d used a face mask, and my skin didn’t feel particularly disgusting or terribly fabulous. Just, you know, normal skin. Also, I’ve used this Freeman product in the past, and seemed to remember it being a nice perk-up for my face.

Immediately, the scent is fresh and invigorating. The consistency is that of a gel. Completely clear, it’s easy to apply and smooth over the skin. It felt cool on my skin, but not harsh. After allowing the product to dry I admired my plastic-looking skin surface and then set about peeling it off. It’s a simple removal process. As long as the mask has dried completely, it can be peeled off in large sections, possibly even a single layer if you’re particularly talented. After the Cucumber Peel-Off Mask my skin felt better, and I believe it looked better, as well.

Freeman Beauty Cucumber - Use Collage

Verdict: refreshing is the word. Good for oily skin. Will definitely use this one again.

Facial Sleeping Mask – Honeydew & Chamomile

Freeman Beauty Honeydew & Chamomile - PackageIntended for hydration and smoothing. This mask seemed like the perfect option after an extended stay in wintery Cleveland. Cleveland’s cold, wind and snow had basically sucked all the moisture from my entire body.

This mask is the texture of a lotion. It seemed rather thick in my hands, but as I applied it felt surprisingly light – a good thing, since you never want anything too heavy on your face. The smell of this one was sweet, but still fresh. It absorbed easily and, following directions, I went to sleep with it on without feeling like I had anything “on.” My skin felt smooth and hydrated in the morning. Nailed it, Freeman!

Freeman Beauty Honeydew & Chamomile - Use Collage

Verdict: heavenly hydration. This was my favorite of the five products I received and needs to be part of my permanent collection.

Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask

Freeman Beauty Charcoal & Black Sugar - PackageThis particular mask touts dual-action purification, so it seemed like a good choice after a long weekend of house-painting and yard work. All that sweat and dirt definitely had my skin feeling less than pure.

The smell was neither offensive, nor exceptionally fragrant. The texture of this mask is quite gritty, due to the black sugar, more like one might expect a facial scrub to feel than a mask, per se. The texture actually made for an interesting application experience. Globs of unsmoothed sugar chunks occasionally fell off into the sink, and I was never certain exactly how much of the mask should stay on my skin for the recommended 5-7 minutes. After allowing the product to sit, I massaged for a little over a minute (per the instructions) and then rinsed off. While it certainly provided exfoliation, which always feels great, it wasn’t quite the relaxation experience that the words “beauty mask” tend to evoke. Also, my face can be sensitive and this one stung a little. Not a lot, and no lasting effects, but definitely a little sting during application and while it was on.

Freeman Beauty Charcoal & Black Sugar - Use Collage

Verdict: exfoliates efficiently, but a little hard on delicate facial skin.

Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask

Freeman Beauty Avocado & Oatmeal - PackageSupposed to deep clean and purify pores. This is another Freeman product that I’ve used before, and was happy to revisit. Cleansing and purification seemed like a good idea following my Mexico trip. Sunscreen is a necessity, but when you slather it on every single day for over a week, you begin to feel like maybe it’s not all coming off at the end of the day.

I love both the creamy texture and the color of this mask! Like many Freeman products, the scent is light and fresh, nothing too overpowering. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve used this product before. Unfortunately, that made me a little lax about the directions. One is supposed to leave the mask on until it dries. However, I got sidetracked and left it on about 20 minutes past dry. This did not turn out well. My skin was tight, angry and red. However, that is a USER error! I have never had that problem before and still love this particular product. With proper use, it absolutely feels as though dirt has been pulled from your pores. Swear.

Freeman Beauty Acovado & Oatmeal - Use Collage

Verdict: don’t leave it on too long. Despite my own mistake, I stand by this product and will use it again.

Coffee & Chai Energizing Paper Eye Mask

Freeman Beauty Coffee & Chai - PackageTo revive tired skin around the eyes. I used this after a night of almost no sleep. I have no recollection of a scent on this one – I’d go so far as to deem it fragrance-free.

The application was tricky. It is paper, with serum already on it, that has been pre-made into the shape of an eye mask. The directions say to apply the mask to the eye area and gently press to ensure contact with skin. However, the mask really didn’t fit my face. To be fair, I’ve got a pretty big head, but it was definitely difficult to ensure contact throughout the entire mask. When I first put the paper on my skin, I felt a little tingle, which made me nervous. It didn’t last and my skin was content after that initial contact. After removal, the skin that did have contact with the mask did feel fresher and cooler, but I wish it had been a better fit. As for visible results, I’m uncertain, but providing you with the before and after photos, below.

Freeman Beauty Coffee & Chai - Use Collage

Verdict: refreshing and I felt like my eyes perked up. I would absolutely use this serum, or strips of the product in pieces to fit my own face. But, if you don’t have a big ‘ol head, this might not be a problem.


Overall? I would recommend anyone try Freeman Beauty facial masks. They can be purchased in both travel and full-size, so you can try several (in the travel size), figure out which ones are your favorite and then go for the big guns. That said, the full-size versions are totally affordable and can be found easily at Target and many grocery stores. Also, there are ton of other mask options that I haven’t even tried, yet! (I have a feeling it won’t be long…) Check out all their Feeling Beautiful facial masks at FreemanBeauty.com.



My thanks to Freeman Beauty and Influenster for allowing me to be a part of this campaign. I received the five above-referenced products in exchange for my review of same. All of the viewpoints in this article are mine and an honest reflection of my experience and opinions.

  • Niki
    April 22, 2015

    I want to try that eye mask!!! I’ve been using the Glam Glow eye mask, which was SO expensive, and I feel like it does nothing!

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      April 22, 2015

      Do it – you can get the little sampler so inexpensively, it’s worth a trial. Also, let me know how it fits on a normal-size head.

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