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Monday. Oh, Monday, you tricky, tricky devil, you. Today feels full of potential, but I can’t get my mind to stop jumping around… which makes it difficult to start on any one thing. There are at least five different topics/items that I’m dying to write about, but feel strongly that my current (ha! Current! Didn’t even intend to use that – it just came out! What’s that? Oh, yes. Moving on.) I strongly feel that my current mindset would prevent a decent (coherent) discussion on any one of those topics/items. Instead, I’m going to do a “Currently” post, and hope that it straightens out my brain enough to get some ish done today.




1. Listening

Crap. How literal are we being? This very second I’m listening to the hum of the husband’s computer and Ham (the dog) sighing. Generally, I cannot seem to get Taylor Swift’s 1989 out of my car CD player. I’m borderline sick of every song on there, but I just can’t stop.

2. Eating

Breakfast this morning was eggs (over easy) atop sliced ham (not the dog), nestled on Iberico cheese and half of a whole wheat english muffin. Two of those. Delicious! It was tempting to go with the Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts, but I wanted energy that would keep me going through the day.

pumpkin-pie-pop-tartsImage via

3. Drinking

Water. All water, all day. It’s all about hydration, folks. Although, since tonight is Girls Night for Bachelor, there’s absolutely wine in my future. Note: I do NOT drink water at restaurants. It always tastes awful, to me. So at restaurants it’s unsweet iced tea, with lemon.

4. Wearing

Well, this is embarrassing. I’m halfway tempted to go change before responding. But no, I want to be honest. I’m wearing light blue scrub pants and a black graphic tee with Australia written in white. And three white kangaroo silhouettes. HOT, people. SOOOOOO hot.

5. Feeling

Distracted. Motivated, but unfocused, which seems to be best described as distracted. Also, thirsty. Time for more water.

6. Weather

A beautiful, sunny 64 degrees, right now. (Maybe I should add weeding the herb garden to my schedule?) Sorry, Northeast – heard you guys are preparing for some brutal precipitation.

7. Wanting

To win the lottery. No, seriously. I really have been thinking about that, lately. Also: a selfie stick. But I’m nervous that I’ll feel too embarrassed to use it in public. And then Us Magazine published this spread in their current issue:

Us Selfie Sticks

8. Needing

A sign. Something to validate my current path. Or, I suppose, something to let me know that I need to make a big change.

9. Thinking

Laundry. Dishes. Banana Bread. Classified ads. Laundry. Sunshine. Crazy dreams last night. Lottery. Laundry.

10. Enjoying

The clearance items that I snagged at Target, this weekend. The phone/wallet/wristlet I’ve been watching for a while – and then it was on double sale! The phone cover is a bit ridiculous, really. I’m so NOT the blingy princess, and it was just enough over the top, that I couldn’t help it. (You know, ironic – but not in a hipster way) And the wooden necklace? Well, come on. That’s just cool.

Target clearance buys

Not sure if that fully organized my brain, but it seems laundry has popped up as a priority. (Why couldn’t it have been martinis?) Hope you all had fabulous weekends and are feeling good about your own week ahead!


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