C25K Progress Report

For not being a runner (because I’m not), I sure have been writing a lot about running these past few weeks. In order to avoid peppering every single post with a running comment, I figure I’ll do a catch-up/progress post today and try to cover everything.

The Background
I don’t like to run. I have been quoted as saying, “Unless I’m being chased by someone with a reasonably intimidating weapon, I see no point in running.” However, two years ago, prior to my wedding, I attempted the C25K (Couch to 5K) running program. It was a last-ditch resort to lose weight before the wedding. After just two or three weeks of the program, my knees forced me to stop. I had knee pain for months after quitting. I took this as proof that my body was not meant for running. I’m a water girl.

However. (Yes, another however)

Both Tall Guy and I have been lamenting our weight (and weight gain) since before our wedding day. We’ve each tried some things, like PiYo, and cooking more healthfully at home. Nothing was truly working. So we launched a new, serious, all-out, three-month weight loss program. We’re avoiding white pasta, white bread, sweets,  and things with sugar and/or saturated fats. We also began the C25K program again. (Note: he previously completed the C25K program nearly 3 years ago)

Current C25K Status
This is our third week of running. We don’t run together, partly because Tall Guy is tall. I will never be able to keep up with his stride. Tall Guy is on Week Three of the C25K program. I am on Week One. Again. The first week of running, I couldn’t complete the eight running intervals. Last week I completed all eight intervals each day. However, that last interval still looked like… well, probably like Phoebe running. Only more slowly. And not as happy.

Today did feel better, in terms of breathing, than any day last week. Only…

How My Body Feels
Today felt oddly uncomfortable for my legs. I had some pain towards the end of last week that Tall Guy has “diagnosed” as shin splints. Also, I’ve been having odd pains – when not running – in my outer right ankle. Running today, I could actually feel both the shin splint (also right leg) and the ankle pains. On the upside, although I’ve had some soreness in my knees – again, when NOT running – that mimics the pain I felt two years ago, it passes quickly and is not nearly as severe. This may be due to tips from my friend, Susan, who is a real runner. She’s given me guidance on stretching and suggested that I get a foam roller (more on that in a minute). I’ll start icing the shin splint issue today, but I’ve got no idea on the ankle.

The Gear
This time around, we invested in real running shoes for me. I ended up getting Brooks shoes (Adrenaline GTS 15) and special inserts to help out my arch and plantar fasciitis. So far, the plantar fasciitis has been moderately aggravated on a few days, but overall isn’t a problem. So, unless the shoes are the new cause for the shin splints and ankle issue, I’m very happy with them. They feel good and solid on, but aren’t overly heavy.

I invested in a Misfit Shine (which is a little misleading, since it’s available at Target for around $36, so it’s not really an investment, per se), in order to track my daily steps and keep me on task. It’s a great little tracker. It’s lightweight and can be either clipped onto clothing or worn on a wristband, and is waterproof. Although I haven’t tested it with laps, it should track swimming activity, as well.

Misfit Shine

Per Susan’s suggestion, I picked up a foam roller. Found one at TJMaxx for only about $12. Foam rollers provide Self-Myofascial Release. In layman’s terms, you’re providing pressure to your muscles that releases built-up lactic acid (which causes pain/cramps) and breaks up muscle knots.

For the C25K program, I’ve been using Carli’s podcasts as well as the official C25K app (the free one). After reading a very helpful post by Sarah at Midwest Darling, I started using the Road ID app for safety purposes. Just in case.

Last week I purchased my first pair of running shorts, and the difference was amazing. Aside from the weirdness that there is an underwear liner in the shorts. I’m sorry. It’s weird.

The Results
It’s clear that I’ve progressed in a small amount, simply by now being able to finish the Week One routine. Also, my legs were phenomenally sore the first week of running, but haven’t been since (also possibly due to the foam roller?). As for weight loss, which is the only real reason I’m doing this, (Yes, I’m sorry. I know I should doing this for my health but, right now, health is a bonus side effect), results have been minimal. For me, anyway. I was down two pounds, which apparently came back during Derby, and now seem to be down three pounds. Three pounds from the beginning. Not in addition to the original two lost. Tall Guy, on the other hand, is already down eight pounds. Studies have shown that men will lose weight more quickly than women, but studies don’t make me feel better. Happy to see some difference, wish it were a bigger difference, and frustrated that it’s not as significant as Tall Guy’s difference.

There you have it. I feel much better, don’t you? Now we can skip all running talk until either my next major achievement or a complete emotional breakdown! Yippee!


  • Laura @ Life with Lolo
    May 11, 2015

    “Studies have shown that men will lose weight more quickly than women, but studies don’t make me feel better.” – had me laughing out loud!!! I know that if the BF and I tried to seriously change our diets he would drop lbs like no ones business and I’d be shedding maybe a few only by water weight. They have it so easy! Still, stick with it – they pains are a bummer but the longer you stay with the program the more your body will adjust.

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      May 12, 2015

      So glad you got a laugh out of it 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement! Now. How long, exactly, until my body adjusts? And can I hold you to it?

  • Alana
    May 11, 2015

    Great job! I have never been a runner either but just started the 5k runner app and it has been going alright so far…I wouldn’t say good or fun, but I think I’m already starting to see a difference in my appearance (and endurance). Keep up the good work!

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      May 12, 2015

      How far into the program are you, Alana? Also, since it’s not good or fun, yet (if ever), I did come up with one more upside. If the zombie apocalypse DOES happen? We’ll have that much of a head start!

  • Kasey
    May 12, 2015

    I second Laura up there — definitely lol-ed. I have to get back on the running bandwagon because I feel like my barre classes are starting to give me some really aggressive shoulder muscles…………………….

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      May 12, 2015

      Yesssss! TWO LOLs! I’m putting it on my resume. Shouldn’t bar be giving you banging buns and thighs more than shoulders? And, honestly what do aggressive shoulder muscles look like? Are you hulking out?

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