The best people, I might be a bitch and blooming blossoms – Friday Link-Ups

Since I was able to complete the Week One C25K regimen on all three running days, I’m considering this week a complete success. It’s the little things. Looking forward to two days of not running and celebrating the weekend by joining my favorite Friday link-ups: Oh, Hey Friday, High Five for FridayFriday Favorites and Oh Hot Damn, This is My Jam (add’l links below)!


Favorite Quote This Week

Original print by Ladybird Ink

Original print by Ladybird Ink


Favorite Funny This Week

 It’s a fine line.

Sarcasm or a Bitch - Rottenecards


Favorite Purchase This Week

Legit running shorts. I’ve been wearing those basic Soffe shorts that I’ve had for ages. I love me some Soffes. However, towards the end of my runs, I find they tend to ride up my legs, which then leads to a lot of really unattractive pulling of shorts in the general crotchal region. Not pretty. Yesterday I was shopping for pants and a tie for Tall Guy to wear in an upcoming wedding. I failed on the pants and tie. However, I was successful in finding several items – all on sale! – for which I had no real “need.” One of those items was a pair of Old Navy running shorts. I wore them this morning and they’re such an improvement! They’re lightweight, breathable and I didn’t have to tug at them even once! My pair is light gray, but they seem to no longer have that color online. The same shorts are available online in several other colors, although the online sale is $14, and I only paid $12. Check out your local store.

Old Navy Pique-Mesh Shorts


Favorite Flora

The Frangipani (Plumeria) in our front yard is KILLING IT with gorgeous blossoms right now. I’ve never had a Frangipani with so many blooms at one time.

Frangipani Plumeria


Favorite Song This Week

Come Say Hello by Superhumanoids. I heard this song while I was out shopping this week. Shazam is probably the best app in the entire world.


Friday Favorites via MeetAtTheBarre


 Have a wonderful weekend, e’rybody!


  • Niki
    May 8, 2015

    I like your shorts! Haha I have Soffes in every color and they do ride up so badly! Love your funny quote haha.

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      May 11, 2015

      Soffes are great shorts! Just not for running. I need them in more colors, even if I can’t use them for running!

  • Tif @ Bright on a Budget
    May 9, 2015

    That flower bush is gorgeous! And I love to eat;) Yay for the sale on running shorts too!

    Thanks for linking up with us for H54F!

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      May 11, 2015

      Thanks, Tif! You must be one of those best people that Julia was talking about!

  • Kasey
    May 11, 2015

    I WONDER THE SAME THING. I’m probably a bitch, but I think I’m hilarious, so that’s what matters, right?

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      May 11, 2015

      I also think you’re hilarious, so you’re safe. And same here, I think I’m hysterical. Do other people think that? Hard to say…

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