Bachelorette Kaitlyn: Episode 8 Recap

Kaitlyn has not quit. Yet. However, if her state of mind remains the same as it was throughout last night’s episode, she’s careening toward a massive meltdown that could derail the season whether she intends to do so, or not.

Checking in for your handy-dandy Episode 8 Recap of The Bachelorette.

Everyone cried.

See you next week!

Okay, okay, maybe there was a little more than that.

We start with Shawn having tracked down Kaitlyn in her hotel room, post group date. He is upset, and tearing up, but not verbalizing exactly why. Kaitlyn worries that he knows she slept with Nick. It turns out Shawn wants Kaitlyn to tell him that she’s in love with him. She allows that she is falling in love with him. It occurs to her that perhaps she shouldn’t have told him “you’re the one” while in San Antonio.

JJ and Kentucky Joe go on a two-on-one date with Kaitlyn. JJ confesses that he cheated on his wife. My response? No sh-kidding. Seriously, did that come as even a tiny surprise to anyone? Kentucky Joe tells Kaitlyn he’s falling in love with her. Kaitlyn sends JJ home and tells Kentucky Joe (in different words) that she’s holding off giving him the rose. He needs to truly earn it. Talk about pressure. The two continue to hang out. She ends up giving him the rose.

Shawn shoes up at Kaitlyn’s room, again. Kaitlyn is already emotionally on edge and, once again, convinced he’s going to confront her about sleeping with Nick. When he doesn’t, she bursts into tears of relief. She’s a mess. She tries to impress upon Shawn that she cares about him, but that she is still involving herself in other relationships – i.e. she’s not going to call off the show and run away with him.

Kaitlyn and Shawn talk again

Rose ceremony! Kaitlyn walks in, announces that she has made “mistakes” and advises that she is open to love with any of the guys that are there. The guys simultaneously crap their pants.

Ben H. pulls Kaitlyn aside and tells her that he is uncomfortable with the private time she shared with Shawn. He tears up. She tells Ben H. that she reassured Shawn in their private time, but is realizing it was a mistake to give him such strong hope. Ben H. is pleased. He goes from panic to puffed-chest in a matter of minutes.

When Nick is able to take time with Kaitlyn, he freaks out. He tries to speak and ends up babbling incoherently. He cries. She tells him that she’s worried he told the other guys about their intimacy. He hasn’t, and tells her as much. She’s relieved.

Kaitlyn sends home Tanner (you could see that coming a mile away) and Ben Z. Ben Z. cries.

The next morning the whole group leaves Dublin and heads to Killarney, Ireland. Kaitlyn asks Jared to ride with her. He is adorable throughout.

Kaitlyn hits the curb

Kaitlyn’s first one-on-one in Killarney is with Chris. They head to the Cliffs of Moher. They’re only on their picnic blanket for about ten minutes before Kaitlyn starts crying. She tells Chris that she doesn’t see them together and leaves. Chris is upset. He cries.

Side note: there was a clip of distraught Chris looking out at the water. He’s standing on what appears to be the very edge of a cliff. There is a crew member in the shot. It’s almost as though they want to make sure he doesn’t throw himself over the cliff. Then again, WHY WOULD YOU PUT AN EMOTIONALLY BROKEN MAN ON A CLIFF TO BEGIN WITH???

Chris on the edge of Moher

Chris Harrison comes to Kaitlyn’s room. Basically says: hey, look, we know you spent unapproved alone time with some of the guys. We don’t think the parents of the other guys would be appreciative of that, so we’re going to push back those family dates. You get more alone time with your remaining guys… but you have to boot three guys this week. Kaitlyn is relieved.

ABC tricked us. Kaitlyn did not divulge her night with Nick to anyone this week. ABC tells us that happens next week. Still no clips of a happy ending, fantasy dates or family meetings. How far will she go??



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