Bachelorette Becca: Episode 3 Recap & Fashion

Episode 2 left me frustrated and feeling manipulated. That feeling was replicated at the beginning of Episode 3 but quickly morphed into annoyance. Despite an actual dramatic issue in this episode, producers opted to completely fabricate a storyline that fit their version of drama. Look, everyone knows they script the ish out of this show, but the kind of manufacturing of non-events we’re seeing this season is ridiculous. It’s distracting and shows a serious lack of creativity in dealing with actual issues. Let’s hope things improve but, in the meantime, here’s the Bachelorette Episode 3 Recap.

Wills, Jason, Jordan, David, Jean Blanc and Colton are invited on a group date. Before they guys meet up with Becca, she welcomes Bekah, Tia, Kendall, Sienne and Caroline (friends she met while competing for Arie’s heart on last season of Bachelor) to DuBunne Spa Club and Massage Centre.

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Everyone learns that Tia dated Colton, who is now trying to win over Becca. Is it awkward? Yes. Tia says it’s fine but does not look like she’s really fine with it.

The general scoop is that he DID tell Tia he’d signed up for the show and she thinks he MIGHT have hoped she (Tia) would be the Bachelorette. She also claims that they only ever kissed. It seems like the two of them are using an excessive amount of words to say it was nothing, but the fact that they have to keep saying it… methinks they doth protest too much.

The girls put on spa robes over swimsuits. This is when I find out Becca is WAY skinny.

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Now, look. I’m not body-bashing. My comment is because she seems to have lost a significant amount of weight in the short time between Bachelor ending and Bachelorette starting. The issue to me isn’t her current frame, it’s the current frame in relation to the frame of just a few months ago. I’m just hoping it wasn’t producer induced.

Anywho, the guys arrive. Becca tells them that they will be performing pampering on her and her friends. She makes introductions but forgets Jason’s name. Jason and Colton talk about how awkward it is that Tia is there. The guys paint the girls’ nails, then the girls paint the guys’ nails.

At the evening cocktail party Jean Blanc pulls Becca aside immediately which the guys think was super shady.

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He says her friends spoke highly of her (I’d hope so, they are her friends…) and asked good questions.  Becca tells Jason that she has a crush on him and that he makes her nervous before they kiss.

One room away, the remaining guys are discussing Jordan’s 4,000 Tinder matches in 2017. Wills is visibly bored and no-one is impressed. David is positively gleeful to get this information. As soon as he sits down with Becca he brags about how he’s getting along well with everyone (pause) except Jordan, saying “not to throw anyone under the bus” right before sliding behind the wheel. Becca’s not thrilled, but not too concerned, either. She playfully calls J-Model on it in front of the other guys, leading J-Face to inform David that he is a bitch.

Jordan approaches Becca in an attempt to defend himself. She explains that she was just giving him a hard time and he goes in for the most clearly unwelcome and awkard hug, possibly even an attempt at a kiss, which she rejects outright. He explains that it’s so tough being a model, but that as a relationship partner he does everything, like a golden retriever, because he’s “in his element”, which is pretty much what he says about everything.

Back in a group of guys (sans Becca), David and Jordan bicker like a bunch of whiny kids. “I ended it once and for all”, “stop talking to me”. The other guys can’t even keep straight faces. Another quality J-Element quote: “Attached to me is professionality. My face.”

Wrapping up the Tia issue, Colton tells Becca that his emotions for her are strong and that the potential is there. He didn’t feel anything for Tia that day. They kiss and he gets the date rose.

For the one-on-one date, Becca takes Chris to Capitol Studios, where they meet up with Richard Marx.

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Marx does look good for his age, but the dye job on his hair isn’t great. Richard asks Becca to sing with him, which she does. She shouldn’t do that again. Richard sends them off to write down things to make into a love song.

Emotional segment alert! For Chris, this is pretty much recreating his rejected attempt to reconcile with his father through a letter. Each of them stands behind a mic and reads their lyrics. Richard then sings about two lines of a brand! new! song using only what Becca wrote. Anticlimactic and weird.

Then the episode is interrupted by political posturing that I have no interest in seeing.

At their candlelight “dinner”, Becca asks Chris why the day was so tough.

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He shares the rejected reconciliation story again. Becca mentions that she, also, was blindsided (can we get a moratorium on that word?) and gives him the date rose. They then dance in an oversize ballroom to Richard Marx on piano, singing “Whatever it takes”.

Then the episode is interrupted by producer propaganda that no-one needed to see.

Jumpy clips of someone being taken away in an ambulance. Description of David slumped on the ground with “blood everywhere”. C-collar! Paramedics! A loaded shot of Jordan alone in the living room.

What ACTUALLY happened? David fell out of bed, onto his face. Blake found him. David went to Intensive Care and has a busted nose and face. Yes, that sucks. But no, Jordan didn’t beat him up. Jordan does, however, say “karma is karma”, which is super classy.

Clay, Leo, Christon, Ryan, John, Garrett, Mike, Lincoln, Conner and Blake meet Becca for their group date at Ventura College.

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Also on the date are Legends Football League players Dina Karwoski and Melissa Miles. They run the guys through some drills. The guys (not surprisingly) then split into teams to play against each other in front a group comprised entirely of women. Chris Harrison commentates with Keyshawn Johnson. Leo says everyone on the other team sucks, which is a change from last week when he said everyone on his own team sucked. Lincoln really doesn’t understand American football, but it’s not his fault. He’s from the UK and it’s a whole different football there. Clay wins the game, but also hurts his wrist and leaves the field in an ambulance.

The evening portion of the date occurs at Big Daddy’s Antiques.

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Clay, still receiving medical attention, is absent. Garrett shows Becca how to pick him up for a tackle, then picks her up. Blake, with wrapped fingers because apparently Clay isn’t the only one who got hurt, has lost all confidence. Connor “definitely”. (I don’t know what that last sentence means, but that’s exactly how it appeared in my notes, so I’m leaving it.) Becca and Blake want to take a nap together. He calls her his girlfriend and she loves it. Clay arrives with his arm in a sling. Apparently he still needs to be seen by orthopedic surgeons because his wrist might be broken, but he wanted to see Becca so he put off the surgeons until tomorrow. Becca tells him how nice it was to see him in his element in a way that wasn’t arrogant-watch me-intimidating. They kiss and Clay gets the date rose.

At the official Rose Ceremony Cocktail Party Clay breaks the news to Becca that he needs an immediate operation.

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If he doesn’t receive surgery ASAP he would definitely be unable to return to football. Although he feels like he’s leaving the opportunity of a great life with Becca, he feels a greater responsibility to the people he provides for through football. Saying “I know the right thing to do is to go,” he returns his date rose and leaves. Becca is crushed.

And then… the producers ruin everything by making it a To Be Continued situation.

To recap, Colton, Chris and Clay all received date roses. Clay returned his rose. The rest? We’ll have to wait for next week.

This week’s bracket score remains the same. Can we get to the 3rd Rose Ceremony already?



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