Bachelor Peter Bracket Picks for Season 24

If you missed the blank Bachelor Bracket for Season 25, the empty bracket is still available here. But if you’re looking for my Bachelor Peter Bracket picks for Season 24, welcome to the (slightly delayed) spot!

To be clear, I did NOT watch Episode 2 yet. In fact, I only just finished watching Episode 1. Look, I’m not proud to be so far behind, but it turns out I’ve avoided (thus far) any spoilers or information for Episode 2, and heard very little about Episode 1 over the past week. Hmm… lower ratings? Not enough drama? To be fair, the only major drama in Episode 1 was limited to Alabama Hannah and Alabama Hannah. Not a good sign for the rest of the season. Unless she sticks around. Now¬†that could be interesting.

But I digress. Back to my picks!

Please note that just because I chose a woman to continue through the process doesn’t mean I’m rooting for her. I tend to go on instinct of who I think woos or weasels their way through. My picks are usually about 40% instinct and 10% hopeful. The remaining 50%? Pure guess. It doesn’t sound like a great plan on paper but it has been working so far, so I’m sticking with it!

Jeans and a Tank Top predicts Bachelor Bracket Peter Weber

There you have it – my Bachelor Peter Bracket picks! As usual, confidence in my accuracy is low. And, as always, I love hearing who you’ve picked as The One and who you’re rooting for – comment it up below!

And good luck!


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