Maybe I’ll open an Etsy shop

I’ve just returned from getting a haircut. My stylist, Brittany, is fabulous. She’s been with me since a very unfortunate incident approximately four years ago. Short version: my last cut before meeting Brittany ended with me in bangs. Bangs that stopped short about an inch above my eyebrows. And I had not asked for bangs. But my haircut from hell is not the point.

Brittany is getting married, early next year. She purchased her gown from the boutique where I used to work. Prior to her engagement, she and I had talked about how much I loved working with brides. At my last visit we talked about her own experience finding The Dress. In a timely twist, her dress recently arrived at the boutique and she actually went in, examined it, and tried it on this morning.

Well, forget about any other small talk. All I wanted to talk about was the wedding. I love weddings. I love bridal gowns. I miss working with brides.

Our discussion was fun and extremely enjoyable for me. However, once Brittany started blowdrying my hair, my mood shifted. Over a year after making the decision to leave the boutique, I still have a lot of lingering emotions about the work, the job and my departure.

In a perfect world, everyone would stumble into a job that they love doing. The coworkers would be team players, the pay would be cover all the bills and leave some cash for fun, and the folks in authority would both challenge and support the staff.

In the real world, you hope for 3 out of 4 and often settle for less.

So what happens when you find something you love doing, but some other condition makes it impossible to carry on? The answer I would give someone else is to find a new place to do what you love. If the place doesn’t exist, create it.

Despite Tall Guy’s best efforts to inspire me, I don’t believe I’ll be opening a bridal boutique any time soon. But perhaps I can sneak back into bridal fashion another way. Brittany mentioned purchasing her headpiece somewhere other than the boutique. And I recall several brides coming in with beautiful handmade pieces they’d found on Etsy. In fact, I designed and decorated my own wedding shoes, and made my bridal sash (even the flowers!) by hand.

Cassia Tree Bridal Sashoriginal (uncropped) photo by Sarah & Ben

Today isn’t the first time I’ve thought, quite seriously, about making some more pieces and putting them on Etsy. I have a sneaking suspicion that writing this post was a passive-aggressive attempt to create accountability. To give myself a little boost to sit down and work with my hands, see what I could come up with.

Check back with me in a month.


  • chelsea jacobs
    November 25, 2015

    Do it do it do it!!

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      November 25, 2015

      Thanks for the encouragement, Chelsea! You gave me a little motivation boost, today 🙂

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