2015 Grammy Awards Recap and Red Carpet Review

It was not my intention to create a Grammy post today. In fact, I didn’t even truly intend to watch the Grammys last night. But somehow I got sucked in, and three hours and forty minutes of my life are now gone forever. Were there some moments that I’m glad I saw live? Yes. Were there more moments that I could have l lived without ever seeing, at all? Yes.

Should you have been wise enough to skip the Grammy Awards last night, I will now provide you with only the things that you truly need to see/know.

Best Dressed

This is how the night really got off on the wrong foot. There were just not a lot of fabulous gowns on the red carpet! For the most part, the dresses were meh. Not awful, but just not great fashion moments. Although this was apparent during the procession, it’s only once I compiled my favorite looks that I truly realized how bad the scene was as a whole. Disappointing.

Jennifer Aloe Zendaya best dressed

Jennifer Hudson – Stunning Simplicity. With so many performers trying to out-crazy each other with dramatic (but unsuccessfully impressive) pieces, Hudson proved less is more. The minimal jewelry (can’t stop thinking about that Marli collar), impeccably fitted Tom Ford dress and fun makeup (the fuschia lip everyone is talking about) were elegant, classic and made all the look-at-me attempts rather sad.

Aloe Blacc, in Sand Copenhagen, bringing a dose of sorely needed color to the men’s side. The tone is rich instead of comical or campy (which some colored suits tend to be), and the fit is flawless. Plus, I love a bowtie.

Zendaya Coleman rocking a brand-new pixie cut and a Vivienne Westwood Gown was the glamorous surprise of the evening. Everything about this look is perfection. Even the shoes, which teeter just over the line from being too casual. They work because of the whole compilation. My only complaint with this… is that Coleman is only 18. She looks phenomenal, head to toe, no doubt about it. But she does look older than 18. Don’t be in such a rush, girl! Trust me!

Worst Dressed

This one was tough. The truth is that it was so clearly Kimye. And yet, I don’t want to post another Kimye picture on the interwebs. I’m over them. Individually and as a combo. (I tried to use “couple” or “pair” there, but found those descriptions too humanizing) So, instead we’ll go with the runner up.

Ciara red carpet

I’m sorry, Ciara. I’m sorry Alexandre Vauthier. To be fair, it did look moderately better from the front… but, no.

Biggest Fashion Mistake

Changing out of the red carpet gown for a performance.

Jessie J Grammys 2015

Jessie J.’s Ralph and Russo gown was sheer, but elegantly, demurely so. (I mean, if you can be demure in a see-through gown, which I would argue that one can) She looked wonderful. And then, for some reason, it was like she thought to herself, “no, this just is not enough skin showing through,” and went on the hunt for some scissors. Unfortunate result being the gown she wore during her performance with Tom Jones. (I cannot find the designer for the second dress – if you have the info, let me know!)

Most Overlooked

I almost missed this one.

Joy Villa

Joy Villa in Andre Soriano. Here’s the thing. I actually love this. Sure, it’s more runway couture than Grammy Awards, but the structure and proportion is great, and Villa looks comfortable and confident in it. The color is dynamic with Villa’s skin tone and hair, so it all just works. Also, smart move, girl. If you didn’t know who Joy Villa was before, she just found a way to grab your attention.

(My) Best Tweet of the Night

Madonna Grammys Tweet


It’s funny because it’s true.

Coolest Moment

2015 Grammy Awards performance - Chandeliers by Sia, featuring Kristen Wiig and Maddie Ziegler - image by Larry Busacca, Getty Images

2015 Grammy Awards performance – Chandeliers by Sia, featuring Kristen Wiig and Maddie Ziegler – image by Larry Busacca, Getty Images

I encourage you to do some searching for a full-length video. Right now it’s impossible to find/embed because CBS is shutting down most versions. At this time you can still see it on Billboard – here. Beautiful set, beautiful coreography, and KRISTEN WIIG.

Most Powerful Moment

Beyonce performance still

Beyonce’s performance of Precious Lord, Take My Hand was beautiful. But the imagery caught above was, by far, the most emotionally charged moment of the evening. It literally caught my breath.

See? You just don’t need three and a half hours for that.

Oh, and Sam Smith won, like, everything.

The End.


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