2015 Year in Review

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As we near the end of 2015, it’s a good time to take stock of where we’ve been. I’ve chosen a single photo and a few post links to sum up each of the past twelve months. Join me as I celebrate the close of one wonderful year and welcome all the possibilities 2016 offers.

Closet Purge Shoes

New look for the New Year

Currently (catching up with myself)

Oven-roasted salmon with cilantro and green onions

February Fireplace

My Liebster Award Nomination!

I am a quitter

Blog Envy

March Orange Blossom

10 Things you can do with pets, but not children


April Al Arco

Bikini and the beach – the body image struggle

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – El Arco and The Office

May Frangipani Plumeria

Intervention – Kentucky Derby

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

#TBT – Cross-country road trip ABCs

June Savannah Spanish Moss

Backyard Renovation: Deck demo and what I did

Selfie Stick: silly, but worth it

July Skinny-Dip-Falls-Blue Ridge Mountains

Asheville, NC – Blue Ridge Parkway

What are your accomplishments? 

August St Pete Beach Sunset

Take me out to the ballgame

Girls Weekend – St Pete Beach Staycation

September Springfield Illinois Corn

2015 Back to School Fashion

Springfield, Illinois

National Bourbon Heritage Month

October Emerald Isle North Carolina

How a great vacation made me feel like a failure

Halloween costumes over the years

How to Halloween as an adult


November House Proud Curb Appeal After

House-Proud: where it all began

Maybe I’ll open an Etsy shop

December Gulfport Sunset

The single best job advice – for any job, anywhere

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas… in Florida

Bachelor Bracket – Season 20 – Ben Higgins




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