Why finding great jeans (or any other item) isn’t always a good thing

This has happened to me more times than I care to recall.

Nemesis: Celebrity Pink ankle skinny jeans

My current nemesis: Celebrity Pink ankle skinny jeans in red.

It was a stormy Saturday afternoon at TJMaxx. The mission : new handbag. Despite usual success, this time was a bust. I wandered into the clothing section and soon had arms full of goodies.

I spy a rack of unattractive red skinny jeans. I recently discovered a previously unknown love of the current bright-colored jean trend (skinny leg only) after an online shopping extravaganza in Urban Outfitters’ sale section (expect a separate post for that) and suddenly felt the need to scour the store for a pair of fabulous bright-red skinny jeans. After much frowning, I came across a pair of Celebrity Pink brand jeans that looked like they would fit the bill. During the try-on, I started to fall in love. The fabric: SO soft and comfortable! The color: the perfect shade of red! They were gapping at my waist, in the back, but I was willing to overlook it. Perhaps they weren’t quite as fitted as they should be… but for only $20??? They’ll probably shrink. Sold!

Sunday, after the shopping high faded, I accepted that they were, in fact, one size too large. Since there hadn’t been any other sizes (let alone the size I now needed) at TJMaxx, I was on the hunt. Dillards and Macy’s both carry the brand. Since I’m still mad at Macy’s about Marshall Fields (Google it, or follow the continued rebellion), on Monday I began calling Dillards locations. Success! I asked them to hold the jeans (in crimson) and rearranged my schedule for Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday was a mess of storms. I should have realized that was an omen. Arrived at Dillards and found the Celebrity Pink section. After waiting far too long, and watching the 80s-Reject Salesperson avoid assisting anyone at all, I cornered her. She hands me a pair of CP skinny jeans. In eggplant. She notes that the card (handwritten) with the jeans indicates “crimson,” and looks at me blankly. I tell her those won’t do and head back to the racks. There are three different shades of red, in mixed stacks. I shuffle, compare, choose. Reconsider, shuffle, compare, choose again. Double check the size and head back to 80s-Reject with the red that pops the most.

Once home I try on the jeans. This is when I discover that the TJMaxx pair was the ankle skinny, not just skinny. The pair from Dillards is regular skinny. They bunch at my ankles and through the calf (apparently I have short legs). When comparing the tags and realizing the style difference, I also notice the new pair is decidedly orange-red, and not the perfect red of the TJMaxx pair.

The internet search resumes Wednesday morning (today). Initial elation at finding a website carrying my nemesis is cut short when the perfect red (now listed as tomato) is not available in the necessary size. Can I squeeze into one size smaller? No matter, it isn’t available in tomato, either. At this point, my only hope is that the CP skinny red jeans that were marked down at Dillards (I ignored them because the red didn’t pop as much as the orange-red pair, but it’s all relative) were ankle skinny. If not, I may be out of luck.

Suggestions on other fabulous – and similar, please – ankle skinny red jeans would be appreciated. And, as always, the more budget-friendly, the better. Final resolution to be posted later.

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