What camera should this blogger use? And an excuse for a cute photo.

As the new look for Jeans and a Tank Top remains under construction, I find myself having to keep my expectations in check. While the new style will be more attractive, and more reflective of the spirit behind the blog, it’s easy to get carried away and imagine the end result in exaggeration.

Jeans and a Tank Top will be the MOST. ATTRACTIVE. BLOG. EVER! World famous bloggers with millions of followers will weep, comparing their shoddy little sites to the beauty and badassosity (totally a word) of Jeans and a Tank Top!

Down, girl!

Trust that things are still set to improve, and I’m anxious to get the new look up and running. In the meantime, I’m Christmas shopping, PiYo-ing and attending Birthday Parties. On Sunday night we celebrated at Madison’s Wonderland, where Madison shared her third birthday. Her parents encouraged costumes and it took me less than a millisecond to jump on board. Getting to wear a costume, to me, is essentially the equivalent of getting an extra Halloween. Clearly, my Alice costume was last-minute and not quite as exceptional as Madison’s Alice costume, but she and I had fun. We danced.

Big Alice and Little Alice

Last night we feted our friend Greg in honor of his 50th Birthday. That party was at a local brewery and did not require a costume. Due to a day of rain and clouds, the evening chill had us requesting a fire for the brewery patio. Two shampoos later and fairly certain I still smell like campfire.

Unrelated to birthdays, and going back to the blog, I’ve been considering a camera upgrade. I’ve been scouring my favorite blogs for information on preferred cameras of choice, and there just isn’t one answer. There are the folks that believe, strongly, that a digital SLR camera is the way to go. There’s a whole group of folks that think an iPhone is sufficient. In an effort to at least determine a winner from the options I already have available, I took some test pictures. In between a haircut and Christmas gift shopping this afternoon, I passed a park. Pulled over, jumped out and shot a few quick pics.

I chose a spot and took the same picture in four different formats.

1. Nikon Coolpix S8100 at 8MP – no setting

2. Nikon Coolpix S8100 at 8MP – scene setting (landscape for the first round, portrait for the second)

3. iPhone 5S (8MP) – no setting

4. ProCam App (8MP) – no setting

When compiling the results, I used no filters, cropping or magic tricks. (I did add text to distinguish the format of each photo)

landscape - 4

The most obvious differences are in color. The Nikon and iPhone (despite setting or not) have different opinions of the shades of blue in both the sky and lake.  And the ProCam app found the grass to be a much brighter green. However, in terms of focus, they all seem to be on the same level.

Round two was a close-up, using the zoom.

close up - 4

This time, unexpectedly, the focus was significantly better on both iPhone photos, and the Nikon with portrait setting focus was quite bad. This was surprising to me because I’ve had SUCH great photos with this Nikon over the years – both in landscape and daylight, but particularly in low-light party/bar situations. Admittedly, this wasn’t the most stringent of tests, and I’ll have to do more research, but I’d love to get camera/photo app suggestions! What do you most commonly use for your photos? If you’re a blogger, where does your post photo preference stand?

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  • Niki
    December 9, 2014

    I love the Alice costumes! That photo is too cute. 🙂 I prefer my DSLR for blog photos – I have a Nikon D7000 but many prefer Canons as well (they’re both great brands for DSLRs). I still use my iPhone from time to time on the go, too. Really as long as the photos look good, the choice of equipment is up to you!

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