This is not September – #HASHTAGHUMPDAY

There’s a rumor floating around that it’s September. Since I feel, strongly, that we’re only in mid-July, I’m fairly certain this September thing is just a rumor, but let me know if you’re hearing the same sort of thing in your neck of the woods. In the meantime, why not join me and link up with Laura over at Life With Lolo, for #HASHTAGHUMPDAY!

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo


Several months ago, I started the C25K program. Despite slow progress, I made attempts on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. While I wasn’t going very far, or very fast, I was still going, and that was a big deal.

I haven’t been running in two weeks, and the two (maybe three) weeks prior to that I only ran once a week. I’d like to blame this on August. In Florida. Although using that excuse clearly conflicts with my previous statement about the current month being July, I’m still willing to place the blame squarely on August, and not on my own slackerhood. #Julyisalmostashot #itslikerunninginapool #thesunisstillpainfulatsevenpm


Speaking of Florida weather, the sun is currently shining, humidity is at 62% (not too bad, actually) and the “feels like” temp is 97 degrees. And they said we’d be in the middle of a Hurricane right now. #anotheronebitesthedust #theconeofuncertaintyisonebigguessinggame #guessnot #calmyourselvesweatherpeople


This past weekend included last minute travel. I tried to save money on airfare, car rental and hotel accommodations. Airfare and the car rental were successful and went well. The hotel, on the other hand, not so much. The complaints that I actually specified to management when leaving (approximately 30 minutes after our arrival) included a large hole in the ceiling, standing water on the bathroom floor, the smell of stale smoke and a half of the security latch on the door being completely missing. #Idontwanttobemurdered #Icanhandlelessluxury #canthandlemissinglocks #wouldnteventakeoffmysweatshirt


Just thinking about it grosses me out all over again.


Having used that last gif, now I’m thinking about Tim Gunn and Project Runway. Is anyone else watching this season? Is anyone else totally mystified about Blake’s win last week? Admittedly, I was already anti-Blake merely because he insists that he’s cute. Even if he had been cute in appearance, I can assure you, the minute someone begins telling everyone how cute they are? Ugly, ugly, ugly. Add in his racially insensitive comment to Swapnil and his INABILITY TO TELL TIME ON AN ANALOG CLOCK, and I’ve gone from over him to enraged. #checkyourself #orwreckyourself #Iwanttoseehimwreckhimself #highscoreforstupid


Is it Thursday, yet? I’m not ready for September, but I am ready for the next episode of Project Runway!
  • Helen @ Hel on Heels
    September 3, 2015

    I love Project Runway! I like Ashley, Edmond – even after the bathing suit fiasco, and Lindsey (for her ridiculously sassy commentary but you can’t help but like her). Blake might be the worst. I’m two weeks behind so I’m hoping my favorites are still there.

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      September 3, 2015

      Yes! Someone I can PR gossip with! My favorites are Ashley, Edmond (giving him a pass on the swimsuit debacle due to partner dynamics) and Swapnil. Blake and Amanda are my least favorite – Amanda is just as frustrating as Blake in the “I am amazing” category. She’s delusional about her “talents.”

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