Things that happened on March 20th

Yesterday was the first day of Spring!!! It also happened to be my birthday, which is almost as exciting as the first day of Spring.

DSCN3728Although the sky in my area insisted on remaining gray, with some rain, yesterday, the weather has definitely turned. The crape myrtles are beginning to show new growth (although not my own, which is looking worse for wear after my first attempt at pruning a crape myrtle), and I’ve seen two Oak Leafrollers (which means the plague of green caterpillars isn’t too far off). Despite wanting to soak up some sunshine, I don’t mind the gray. I’m a fan of rain – particularly a good and loud thunderstorm with lightning – and the Florida ground can always use a little extra water.

To celebrate (both Spring and my birthday), I gussied up with an 18 and East skirt recently snagged from ASOS. It’s fun, flowy and the color puts a pep in my step. (While my birthday skirt doesn’t seem to be available on either of those sites any longer, you won’t be disappointed browsing either one!)

About ten years ago (give or take), I decided that I would get myself shoes as a birthday gift to myself. Not shoes that were replacing a worn out pair, not shoes that were logical or would necessarily be a good wardrobe staple, but cute shoes that made me happy. Several years I’ve purchased two pair – partly because I have trouble making decisions (see all previous posts regarding shopping for a wedding dress) and also because I’m a bargain-hunter and felt the occasion warranted spending a little more cash than usual.

This year I purchased three pair of shoes.

Thank you, DSW.

DSCN3735  DSCN3736  DSCN3738

Adrienne Vittadini “Monique”, Madden Girl “Getta”, and Audrey Brooke “Jancis”

Happy Spring!!!

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