Things I’ve loved and lost (Purse Edition)

Yesterday, while rambling on about the serious possibility that my cats are staging a coup, I mentioned losing two pair of eyeglasses. This is not an update to say I’ve found either pair. Nope, still missing. However, it seems that discussing losing those items made me think of other items that I’ve lost. Or “lost.”

The trip down memory lane started with purses. Two purses. (Note: pay attention to see if all personal “losses” occur in pairs) Several months ago – many months ago, really – there was an incident that caused two purses to be ruined. Naturally, they were my two favorite handbags. (Note: the incident was caused by one of the cats… see? The Kitty Conspiracy is no joke!) The memories spurred action – I decided I’d hunt down replacements online.


A black bag, covered in faux leather fringe with a leather and dark silver metal chain strap. It could be worn cross-body or over the shoulder – the length of the strap was that perfect. It was from Charming Charlie, so it wasn’t a huge investment, but it was also surprisingly good quality. I was in love. Every time I wore it, I got compliments on the little beauty. I have no photos of my own purse, and Charming Charlie no longer carries anything remotely similar. I found a similar bag in brown on an old eBay listing, but I don’t want it in brown. Also, it wasn’t the exact same purse. Here’s the photo from that old listing, just to give you an idea. (No beads on my version and only about two rows of fringe)

Charming Charlie Brown Fringe Bag

The second bag was by The Sak. Although I may drool over handbags that cost over $100 (and some that are over $1000), I don’t purchase them. However, on a lucky last minute trip to Chicago, I ran across this bag by The Sak.

The Sak Indio Leather Demi Bucket Bag


Reduced once and then clearance priced. Nothing wrong with it, whatsoever, but it cost me less than $30. Butter soft, that nearly unattainable perfect size for actually carrying what you need and forcing you to leave out the unnecessary things. The round strap was unique and the color a dream. I actually made attempts to save this one. It’s still hanging in the garage, hoping for a miracle that will never come. This one is still available. It’s currently “on sale” at Macy’s for just under $96, direct from The Sak for $89, Boscov’s for about $77 and eBags for $65. Still can’t justify it. Tempting, but not gonna do it. (Also, Macy’s claims that it’s $129 originally… how can the sale price at Macy’s be MORE than the regular price direct from The Sak?)

There was a soft, gray knit sweater I lost (literally) somewhere between San Diego and Chicago at least a decade ago that I still mourn, a pair of ginormous silver hoop earrings from eighth grade that disappeared without a trace. I’m not looking to replace the hoops, I just remember them fondly.

Hm. I truly do seem to have a talent for losing things I adore. Just as much as I have a talent for falling in love with products that become discontinued. But that’s another story.


  • Alana
    July 16, 2015

    I’m sorry for your loss. Lol. Seriously though, I know how frustrating it can be to lose/ruin something you love so much!

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      July 17, 2015

      Thanks, Alana. With time, and possibly a lot of therapy, I hope to someday come to terms with these losses. I appreciate your support in this time of confusion and devastation.

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