Taking the day off

ZodiacMy horoscope has advised me to play hooky today, so I’m following instructions. (Am I trusting my livelihood to a horoscope provided by a well-renowned, professional astrologer? Nope. A free app on my iPhone that I’m pretty sure is written by a non-native English speaker)

Although it wasn’t clear in yesterday’s post, Following dreams. Plural., Wednesday, October 8, 2014, was my first day officially not working as a bridal consultant. So, since I’m fresh off the work-my-ass-off-for-someone-else train, a little downtime is not only acceptable, it’s downright obligatory! And, along with the post, I got quite a bit done on my first day off, so today is a good chance to step back.

Despite playing hooky today, I have accomplished several things:

1. Returned to Sally. Sally is my elliptical. I’d been in a good groove of hanging out with Sally three times a week until a trip to Cleveland Heights in early September. Since then, our times together have been inconsistent. Today I’m getting back on track with Sally.

2. Joined an online freelance writing community. I have not yet explored all the tutorials and benefits of the site. That’s for a day when I’m actually “working.”

3. Got in the pool. Based on current weather trends, and the fact that our pool sees less sun every day, I’m guessing this week will be the last good chance to get in this year. (I considered writing “enjoy it this year,” but even today the water is chilly enough that “enjoy” might be too strong a word)

KandSNecklace4. Showered. Hey, sometimes that’s an accomplishment!

Not only have I completed these monstrous, arduous tasks, I have more plans for the day!

1. Purchase spotlight and possibly herbs and mulch from a Big Box Home Improvement Store. The spotlight is for Halloween decorations in the yard. The herb purchase will be based on what is available. The mulch purchase will depend on my willingness to load 5+ bags into the back of my car. Right now it could go either way.

2. Return necklace that I purchased, but did not wear, for a wedding.

3. Pay bills.

4. Catch up on some of the new Fall 2014 TV Shows from my DVR and watch one of my favorite shows, Project Runway, as it airs.

I know, I know. Exciting, isn’t it? Hey, this is my Day-to-Day blog. And it’s my day off.

Cheers, friends!


Zodiac photo credit:Remko van Dokkum via photopin cc

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