Striped Blazer Stress

I have not been doing very well at sprucing up my wardrobe.


Despite some successful shopping trips, actually wearing new items is strangely difficult for me. Example: a Monteau black and white striped blazer that I purchased approximately three months ago… and had to literally FORCE myself to wear today.


Striped Blazer by Monteau

Loved Striped Blazer the moment I saw it. Loved the bold look – particularly the contrasting stripes on the “pocket flaps” (just flaps, no real pockets there), loved the pop of color in the lining (unlike the photo to the right, my Monteau is fully lined with super-soft hot-pink fabric), and was ecstatic about the cushy, flexible material (Striped Blazer was thrown in my purse for the drive to work this morning, but with no worry of wrinkles or damage). Loved everything about it, even how it fit me. Absolutely loved it… in the store.


The moment it arrived in my closet, Striped Blazer made itself clear – Striped Blazer is NOT just another piece of clothing. Taking on a haughty air of being more stylish than its peers, Striped Blazer was intimidating to not only the other garments, but to me. In the store it seemed versatile and the perfect addition to a myriad of outfits. Now, in the closet, it seemed impossible to find even one item that looked right with Striped Blazer. Once or twice I put on Striped Blazer in my morning I-Have-Nothing-To-Wear routine, but always felt as though it were too much, that I was trying too hard, mostly that it wasn’t ME. Striped Blazer inevitably went back in the closet and I wore something tried and true (read: predictable).

Jeans and a Tank Top… and Striped Blazer, too!


Change is HARD, yo.


Finally acknowledging that it was more likely the fear of change than an actual fear of the final look, today I forced myself to wear Striped Blazer. In what will come as a shock to absolutely no-one, I ended up pairing it with dark blue Lucky jeans, a fuschia Old Navy *sigh* tank top (Hey – baby steps, right?) and Chinese Laundry nude pumps. I’ve already gotten a couple compliments, and am hoping that Striped Blazer and I will come to a mutual understanding where we can coexist and even, occassionally, spend some time together.


What I should have done a long time ago? Gone to Molly’s Blog – girlfriend has about a million different ways to rock Striped Blazer and look great doing it.


When trying to find an image of Striped Blazer this morning, I happened upon Still Being [Molly], with all the photos above. Got in touch with Molly – she’s incredibly sweet – and found myself spending quite a bit of time perusing her posts. (Turns out I’m not the only person who woke up in their mid-twenties with an alarming amount of credit card debt – but Molly’s already come out the other side!) I highly recommend you take a look!

  • molly @ still being molly
    October 12, 2012

    girl!! LOVE this post! you are a GREAT writer and i love the documenting of your striped blazer woes and journey. you are hilarious!! and thanks for the shoutout! can’t wait to follow along with your blog, girl! 🙂 WOOP!

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      October 12, 2012

      Thanks for the support, Molly!!!

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