Street Seen: Leopard Print Hot Pants

I’m a fan of hot pants. Booty shorts. Tap shorts. (Can I bring back the term ‘coochie cutters?’ No, I think that’s best left in the 90s.) When worn well, hot pants can be sexy, sassy and even sophisticated. The truth is that not everyone wears them appropriately, whether that means the wrong size or  the wrong setting (there is a limited environment in which hot pants can succeed). But, as a supporter, it didn’t occur to me that there might be additional boundaries,  within the creation of the garment itself.

Elderly Gentleman Concerned with Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Today, the Universe schooled me.

During my lunch break, while innocently walking down the street, I was treated to an elderly gentleman in leopard-print hot pants. Being the intrepid reporter* that I am, it was obvious that a photo of the ensemble was necessary. It wouldn’t be enough for me to simply describe the passion fruit long-sleeved shirt (with matching headband, natch), white socks and black tennis shoes that accompanied the leopard-print hot pants. You need to see this sort of thing for yourself.

To be fair, what he was wearing weren’t likely marketed as hot pants, and I’m not implying anyone should repeat the offense of wearing whatever one would call the item he was wearing. But it did get me thinking about hot pants (thank you, Elderly Gentleman Concerned with Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle) and then whether leopard spots could ever be good on booty shorts. I considered different cuts on varied body shapes with a multitude of apparel pairings, and finally performed the inevitable Google image search. Result? No, thank you. I would prefer never to see a leopard print on short shorts again. Not on EGCMHL, but not on any man or woman. Leather, lace, sequins, stripes, polka dots – all good on hot pants. But not the spots of a leopard. Or, for that matter, the spots or stripes of any animal.

Wait. I may actually allow an exclusion for a Holstein print. This deserves additional consideration.

I digress. The take-away? Everything has limitations. Everything. Now, so as not to end on a low note, here are a few images of hot pants that look… well, hot.


From left to right: Abi Titmuss at Perrier Pink Party in leather (credit: Adam Houghton/Capital Pictures); Emma Watson in lace (borrowed from; sequins from Ashley Stewart. Note: Initially found the sequin shorts here, on Trendy Curves by Bella Styles. She has great personal style – consistently putting together a fashionable, complete look that also appears effortless!

* Nope, not really a reporter.
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  • John Michael Sheehan
    November 5, 2012

    Fantastic post, I really look forward to updates from you.

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