Starting a blog was truly supposed to be about writing, for me. I love to write and didn’t have an outlet for it. However, I thought a focused blog would focus my writing and launched this site with the following bold mission statement:

What we choose to wear is a direct statement on who we believe ourselves to be.
Unfortunately, if this statement is true (and it is) then I am Jeans and a Tank Top. I’m classic, I’m comfortable and I’m casually appropriate for most scenes.  But that’s pretty much the extent of it.
I’m Jeans and a Tank Top when shopping. I’m Jeans and a Tank Top on casual Friday at the office. I’m Jeans and a Tank Top when on a date. Grocery store, airplane, baseball game, salon… Jeans and a Tank Top.
My personal style is at a complete standstill. Not so long ago, I dressed well and was the owner of an amazingly large collection of clothes and accessories. Several factors led to the complete downfall of that fashionable previous version of me. First, the amazingly large credit card debt that came with the amazingly large collections. Trying to crawl out of that hole put a severe curb on my shopping – and my closet’s population began to dwindle. Then I moved from Chicago to Florida. Florida, while a lovely place – and now my home – seems to be a bit of a black hole in the Fashion Universe. While my rapidly shrinking selection of accoutrements fit in just fine in towns where flip-flops are appropriate everywhere – Every. Where. – it was just further damage to my already wounded wardrobe.
It’s time for me to move on and reclaim some sort of style for myself. Note, the problem isn’t a lack of feeling regarding clothes I see, it’s an inability to incorporate those opinions into my own wardrobe in a constructive way. So, while working on my own closet, there will be a great deal of judging other people’s choices.  This site is dedicated to all things that can be worn, whether they’re loved, hated, ridiculed or obsessed over.
It’s time to play dress up.
“If getting fashion right was easy, everyone would look fabulous. And that’s not the case.” – Tim Gunn

However, after nearly two years, I found myself inside a box that I’d built… and feeling trapped. Recently, I’ve done some research (i.e. used the Google) and learned more about different types of blogs. It seems like, generally, blogs without a particular slant/focus are considered “lifestyle” blogs. Not a fan of that label, my friends. Not at all. I have no interest in selling anyone on a lifestyle. I’m not even sure I have a lifestyle. No, I just want to write. And I want to write whatever is important, or interesting, or on my mind at that particular time.

So, research complete, I moved into brainstorming and collaboration (i.e. talked to my best friend, Katie). We decided that I would trot out a brand new type of blog – with no restrictions on content and an easy, free-flowing vibe, based on what I’m feeling from day to day. Yep. This is going to be a Day-to-Day blog (feel free to shorten that to D2D, but make sure you throw credit our way on either label). I’m still Jeans and a Tank Top, but the content of this blog is expanding.

What can you look forward to? The only thing of which I’m certain is that it will truly be a piece of me. From light-hearted, silly ramblings to deep introspection; from the original topic – thoughts on threads – to selling my home (yep, that’s happening). It’s whatever is on my mind, or even just crossing it, when I sit down to write. And, with any luck, some small morsel will reach someone, somewhere, and resonate with them. Truly, I hope you enjoy stumbling onto this blog and leave with a smile.

Cheers, my friends! Let’s do this!

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  • Ione
    October 18, 2012

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