Recapping the weekend – starting with a joke

I’m so out of shape.

How out of shape am I?

I’m so out of shape that my back muscles are in knots from painting the back wall of our house!

I lied. It wasn’t a joke. Just the sad, sad truth. Since I’ve been painting different rooms in the house over the past couple months, and previous efforts didn’t cause nearly so many problems, I’m certain that there were compounding factors this time. Mostly, I’m blaming the texture of the wall. It’s a decorative stucco finish – very coarse and entirely uneven. I went with a 1 1/4″ nap roller. It picks up a LOT more paint than your standard 1/2  or 3/4″ nap, so the roller is immediately heavier. Also, I put a lot of weight into every stroke, trying to get into all the little nicks and crannies. That makes me think of english muffins, which isn’t an entirely inaccurate visual for the wall. Anywho, it’s painted.

So that was a huge accomplishment over the weekend, and yet, not the only big change we made in the backyard. (Considering the previous power-spraying story, you can tell we’re really trying to improve our back patio/bar/yard area) Tall Guy has been complaining about the bushes for ages. They’d gotten quite tall. Towering above our roofline tall. I love the privacy this gives us, but he hates it. I finally agreed to help trim the bushes along the north end of the patio. Cut to thirty minutes later. What bushes? He power-sawed them down to the ground. As well as several tree branches that he could reach without a ladder. You cannot give that man a power tool without understanding that he will absolutely keep going until someone stops him. The taking down of the bushes was surprisingly fast. The bundling of bush branches not so much.

Yes, this was my birthday weekend and I spent it covered in sweat, dirt and paint and swatting at mosquitos. Good times, good times.

March Madness brackets are busted all over the place, but as of last night, I know who I’ll get to see later this week:

Sweet Sixteen Midwest Region Match Ups

I managed to predict three of those in my own bracket. I did have Kansas instead of Wichita – what the heck, Jayhawks?! – but I’m most excited about Notre Dame and Kentucky. I’m kind-of hoping they face off on Saturday, although I have no real loyalties to any of those four teams.

This is my Monday. I wish it could have been more exciting, for both of us.



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