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Although I’ve been intending to write this post for a while, now that I’m actually getting around to it, the timing makes perfect sense. My last Previous Post Follow-Up was written just after my dear friend Angela’s bachelorette weekend in Chicago. Coincidentally, I’m just (finally) recovering from my own beyond fabulous bachelorette celebration, which was held in Siesta Key, Florida.

Before we get into the update, I feel it’s necessary to briefly touch on the Siesta Key Fiesta. To start, my friends are amazing. Beyond amazing. From what I’ve gathered, every single lady in attendance really contributed to the final result. That said, my MOH (Maid of Honor), Katie, was the driving force and master planner. I feel more gratitude to her than I could ever possibly express. Friends at Cafe GabbianoNot only did she plan, coordinate and execute the perfect – PERFECT – weekend, she did it all from 1,200 miles away. (Side note: Katie is witty. Not just funny, but smart, clever-funny: witty. Follow her on Twitter @MKatieG. You can thank me later.) Mad props (don’t judge my language) to Carrie, Emily and Kitty, who were her local assistance and also went above and beyond. There were many bottles of wine, champagne and prosecco. A bloody mary bar starting Saturday morning. Delicious eats, including homemade treats like Emily’s sumptuous, penis-bedecked cake (vanilla with mango and key lime filling topped with a coconut covered cream cheese frosting). DSCN4124There were bars and dancing, laying out on the beach and swimming in the Gulf, a surprise shower, and lots (and lots… and lots) of laughter. Frankly, the whole thing was a massive Lovefest (with a capital L). Since friends from different times in my life made the trip, that meant some groups and individuals that had never met one another before. It is truly a credit to these women how well they all got along. It just speaks volumes about their character and personality. Seriously. Total Lovefest. I’ve said it (possibly ad nauseum), but I hope they truly know how genuinely lucky I feel to have each, and all, of them in my life.

I could go on, but feel that, for the folks who weren’t there, I’ve likely already been overly effusive.

So back to the main event – an update! To my excessive joy, I’m thrilled to let you know a perfect orange blossom perfume was found! Although my tone was still hopeful when I wrote Thrown off the scent, some additional research had me losing faith. Using some of the recommendations from Perfume Posse, I purchased a 2.5 ML tester of L’Artisan Seville A L’Aube from The Perfumed Court (excellent spot to get small samples of more expensive, hard-to-find perfumes before committing to the whole bottle). Boasting notes of lavender, lemon tree leaves and orange blossom (among others), my hopes were high. I was very impressed with speed of delivery, packaging and the perfume, itself. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the sweet, true orange blossom scent I’d been searching for, and – much like the Cassia bottle in the previous post – it turned muskier with time.

UltaNext was a trip to Ulta. I love Ulta. Thrilled that they recently opened a shop in Clearwater, but would be ecstatic (hint, hint) if they opened a shop in the St. Petersburg area. The first salesperson I spoke with began helping me, but despite my clearly emphasizing that I was looking for orange blossom, she insisted on looking for citrus scents. She soon passed me off to their in-store perfume guru, mentioning  were looking for an orange, citrus scent. I reiterated to the new salesperson that I was actually looking for orange blossom, the flower. She continued to find me perfumes that had citrus notes. Finally I pulled up the Perfume Posse website on my phone and began asking about the specific perfumes listed in the orange blossom article. Ulta didn’t seem to carry any of them. The Perfume Guru recommended I check out, where you can search perfumes by the notes they contain. Exhausted, I thanked her and left the store, planning to visit Fragrantica at a later time and feeling quite hopeless about finding my wedding scent.

Two months later I returned to Ulta on a search for face lotion and sunscreen (separately), and during my walk-through, I saw a shelf of Philosophy Field of Flowers fragrances. Despite a lovely, subtle package, it was like the delicate text “orange blossom” was super-sized, bolded, and flashing in neon across the aisle. Cautiously hopeful, I sprayed the tester onto a paper strip. Oh, heavenly sweet orange blossoms! Trying to keep my jubilance in check, I then applied a quick spritz to my wrist. Walking around in circles, attempting to NOT smell my wrists for five minutes was a joke. Luckily, time made no difference. The blossoms never soured, never turned into something entirely different. The scent remained sweet, fresh and light. Ring it up!!! SUCCESS!!! Love, love, love.


* Group photo taken at Café Gabbiano in Siesta Key – photo courtesy of Carrie Elliott
** Cake courtesy of Emily Dey – photo by Jeans and a Tank Top
*** Field of Flowers photo courtesy of

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