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I’ve gotten the painting bug. Not canvas painting, although that sounds fun, too, now that I mention it. Painting walls. When Adam (the husband) and I first moved into this home together, it was a mess. Worse than a mess. Disgusting. So one of the immediate overhauls was repainting every single wall, and ceiling, throughout the house. On move-in day, we were surrounded by white.

Within the first week of moving in, I painted the master bedroom. Three walls in Valspar White Pepper and an accent wall (behind the headboard) in Valspar Winter Calm. The colors are perfect for a peaceful, relaxing bedroom, and turned out so much better than we could have predicted.


Master Bedroom – paint colors do not show accurately in photo – also note newly installed wood flooring!

After a few months I decided to tackle our office. My mother, a retired interior designer, suggested I try out Ellen Kennon Full Spectrum Paint. The difference between Ellen’s Full Spectrum Paint and standard paint (at its most basic) is the absence of black (which absorbs light) as a way of darkening/tinting a shade. Using a broader range of pigments in each color allows the paint to better reflect, and play with, light. We chose chartreuse and peridot. The initial plan was either two walls in each color, or a single accent wall. However, Adam and I are creative types, and I felt like the office should show that. I decided to go add three stripes. Each stripe is a different width. The north wall has the widest stripe (chartreuse on peridot) and the south wall has two stripes (peridot on chartreuse). The end result is unique but not overpowering. We love the stripes (although the process of painting them was a true lesson in patience), and the colors do seem to change hue ever so gently with changing light. Also, despite choosing rather bold greens, everything we’ve thrown into the room (and we’ve thrown in a lot) blends right in.


Adam’s side of the office

NaturalStraw2As we completed other work on the house, painting fell behind. Also, we’d agreed to paint the living room in a yellow, but 16+ paint samples later and I wasn’t satisfied with any of the shades.  Weeks (and probably months) of blotchy walls went by, until I realized my parents would be coming into town, and I suddenly felt like more of our home-improvement projects should be complete. So another handful of samples later, the living room became Glidden Natural Straw (at 75%, or something like that). Yellow is a bitch of a color to use for paint, because it is unbelievably hard to find the right shade. Just when you think you’ve got it, the light in your room changes and you’re looking at baby food yellow. I’ve never had as much trouble choosing a color as when I went for a shade of yellow. And, to be clear, sometimes I’m still not entirely happy with the Natural Straw.

The last painting was probably done over six months ago. However, friends of ours just purchased their first home, and we spent some time this weekend helping them paint their walls. Watching the transformation was incredibly motivating, and I was suddenly itching to paint some more of our rooms. I’ve known that the dining room should be red since before we moved in, so I grabbed some samples and slapped up test patches. However, before I could get around to final execution in the dining room, we suddenly ran across a deal on a new bathroom vanity that we couldn’t pass up.


So now we have a bathroom vanity for the master (my) bathroom which is sitting in the garage… because I need to paint the master bathroom before installing the new vanity. I’m having a little more trouble with the bathroom colors, because they need to blend nicely with the bedroom color of Valspar White Pepper. Some of my initial thoughts are below.


What color(s) do you think would go well for the bathroom, and look good with the new vanity? And what do you think of the bold reds for the dining room?

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