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Let’s catch up on my PiYo journey, shall we?

Not me. Not my feet.

Not me. Not my feet.

I’m currently in week seven of the PiYo program. I’ve been doing PiYo for nine weeks. The holidays were a little tougher than I’d hoped and there were two weeks that I probably only worked out three or four times. More important than what I was doing, is how I’ve been doing, right? Well… that’s hard to say.

In weeks three and four I was feeling good about my progress, both in terms of the workouts becoming more doable and with what I believed were some physical improvements. Despite the holiday break, I still felt really strongly about my progress in week five (once I finally got through it). PiYo is an eight week program. I’d completed five weeks. Feeling good, I wanted to check in. Knowing that progress can’t be accurately determined by the number on the scale, I went through all the options. I weighed myself, took measurements and took photos to compare to the numbers/photos before beginning the program.

Well that was a huge let-down. Up one pound overall. Measurements – all but two INCREASED. Photos – you literally cannot tell the photos were taken on different days (save one massive Halloween bruise). They could have been minutes apart. I cannot tell you how immensely disheartening this was. Beyond frustrating, it actually took the wind out of my sails.

As a reminder, I am NOT an exercise-buff. I actually hate exercise. Hate. However, since apparently willing off the pounds no longer works, I finally committed to working out. Since the change was from complete couch-potato to working out six days a week, I thought that I’d see results. There was no misconception that I’d look like Chalene Johnson (PiYo DVD instructor), but simply making such a drastic change in my physical activity, there was an expectation of some alteration.

Chalene Johnson (and Mike and MIchelle) making it look easy.

Chalene Johnson (and Mike and MIchelle) making it look easy. Image via BeachBody.com

Full disclosure: there is an eating plan that comes with the PiYo workout DVDs. I have NOT been following the eating plan. That said, I HAVE been making significantly healthier choices. When preparing meals, I search out low-fat, low-calorie recipes. At restaurants I choose thooughtfully. Most importantly, I cut back on portion size. That was successful to the point where my body was actually satisfied with smaller amounts of food. That feeling of eating less was just one more reason I was looking forward to seeing quantifiable progress.

When I checked in with my BeachBody coach, I told her how frustrated I felt. Her response was to remind me that I’d taken off on the holidays and wasn’t following the eating plan. Then she told me I could do it, and to keep it up. Honest, yes. Inspirational? Not exactly.

Here’s where I have trouble. Do I want to change my physical appearance? Absolutely. And yes, I understand that means that I have to make changes in my lifestyle. So I did. I truly did. However, I have no interest in completely recreating my lifestyle to be slimmer. I enjoy food and don’t intend to stop eating delicious things. I eat less of them, less often. I’ve added more healthful items into my meals. I no longer buy boxes of cookies or tubs of buttercream frosting (yes, that was something I used to do). I went from zero exercise to working out six days a week. And I SWEAT. Even when I was using my elliptical, I didn’t sweat like this. I’m really pushing myself – not half-assing these PiYo workouts. But I’m not going to spend three hours in a gym, every day. That’s not how I want my time to be spent. It feel like there should be some balance here, but I’m missing it.

salmon and gingery green beans and bok choy

One of my healthy homemade meals – salmon and gingery green beans and bok choy

Despite being completely deflated at the end of week five – and, now, a little pessimistic – I’m keeping up with PiYo. I’m going to complete the eight-week program and check my numbers, again. In the meantime, any words of inspiration you can throw my way would be more than appreciated.

How do you keep moving forward when you aren’t able to quantify your progress?

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