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Let’s get a few nagging things out of the way:

No, the camera charger still has not arrived. This is not only preventing me from accessing the Halloween pictures, but also from creating any more photo-documented posts. (At least that’s the reason I’m giving as to why I haven’t yet conducted the closet purge) (The husband asked me, this morning, “You do know a bomb went off in your closet, right?”)

The MacBook DID arrive! There have been some moments of exasperation (why would the Save feature be at the top of the main screen, instead of the screen you’re working in? That’s just nonsense), but the improvements have been duly noted, as well. Oh my gosh – computers can start up when you press the power button? Without seven minutes of booting up and searching for the internet connection? I actually had a regular routine of things I did between pressing the power button and being able to USE my computer. When will I find the time to do all those things?!? More on the Mac after I’ve put in some more time with it. Wouldn’t be fair to cast judgement too soon.

On to new business!

If you’ve been following along (thanks, mom!), you’re likely familiar with my sporadic attempts at exercise (i.e. losing weight). If you’re new to the blog – hello! Welcome! Please feel free to look around and stay a while! – the attempts have included the 4-Hour Body, BarreAmped, running, swimming, and investing in an elliptical for the home. Without going into detail, I assure you that I have completely legitimate reasons for leaving each of these behind. Except the elliptical, which I’m not leaving behind, but to which I am supplementing my efforts.

I’m going to start PiYo. Today.


PiYo is another creation from BeachBody, LLC. If you’ve heard of Insanity, P90, TurboFit or Sean T., that’s the one. If you have friends-turned-BeachBody-coaches in your Facebook feed, you know what I’m talking about. The majority of their programs are “challenges,” something that you commit to doing for a certain number of days and accompany with their clean-eating plan. PiYo is a 60-day program with workouts 6 days a week, and is based on a blend of pilates, yoga and cardio, but limits joint strain by avoiding high impact moves.

Yes, although I’m starting today, I spent some time researching PiYo to make sure it was something that would work for me, so I seem more knowledgeable than I probably actually am.

This post is not in any way sponsored, or promoted, by BeachBody, it’s really more of a way to hold myself accountable. This is me telling the World that I’m committing to something. I’ll keep you updated as I go along. To be truly fair, the most painful part is probably (hopefully) already passed. Last night I took all my body measurements, weighed myself and took “before” photos in a swimsuit. That, my friends, was not fun.

Wish me luck – and I’d love to hear from anyone who has had experience with PiYO – good or bad!

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