New look for the new year

It’s he-ere!

After many months of teasing, welcome to my new world! Jeans and a Tank Top finally got its much-needed face-lift. Let me know what you think about the new colors, style and design. I truly believe it’s a more accurate representation of me and what this blog was always destined to be. The first official Day-to-Day Blog is feeling great and is ready to mingle – let’s become friends, Friend!

In an effort to make up for online absence these past couple weeks, I offer a look at what I was doing during that time. Well, except for the hours spent getting the blog ready. Photos of me in front of a computer, with an angry/frustrated/teary look on my face wouldn’t be any fun for you or for me.

This year, we flew to Des Moines and spent time with Adam’s grandfather and parents. From Iowa, we drove to Springfield, Illinois, to pick up my grandmother and then met the rest of my immediate and extended family at a rental house in Michigan City, Indiana, just blocks away from the lake.




Since it was a rental, we had to bring in our own, fake, Christmas Tree. My niece was concerned that the tree had only lights on it, so she enlisted help in making ornaments (i.e. refused to let me or my grandmother leave the table without participating).


In our family, it is tradition to have fondue on Christmas Eve…


And wine. Lots and lots of wine.

Wine Collage

On our last full day in Indiana, Adam and I took a quick road trip to meet up with one of my favorite people, Angela. She and her husband, and their twin boys (who turned 7 months that day!) met us halfway between Michigan City and their home. It was amazing. Note to self: look into eliminating states between Indiana and Florida to facilitate more frequent reunions.


The next morning was a drive to Chicago (my favorite city) and a last-minute reunion with another favorite, Katie, who was also arriving for a visit in Chicago that day. After we gorged on copious amounts of delicious sushi (thank you, Kamehachi), wine and sake with our husbands, we headed to the historic Palmer House for a cocktail… followed by a few more at Miller’s Pub.


Back in Florida for New Year’s Eve, we celebrated (extensively) with the Florida Crew. I consumed approximately my own weight in food (mostly cheese), and copious amounts of wine and prosecco (see a pattern, here?), as well as several rounds of Springbokkie (Springbok shots). We laughed, we yelled… I don’t believe there was any crying. There was however, a very late-night T-Swift dance party at which point I was wearing a tiara, a sequin top and yoga pants. And there were only two of us dancing. Again, not something you or I really want to see in photo form.

Here’s wishing that you thoroughly enjoyed your own holiday season, and are jumping both feet first into a brand new year. I look forward to meeting you and hope that we get to spend some time together in 2015 – Happy New Year!!!


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