Motivation: Derailed

This morning started with a lot of potential, as mornings have a tendency to do. However, I felt it this morning. I was motivated, I was ready, I was going to get ish done!

I folded laundry and put another load in the washer before even changing out of my pajamas. Instead of choosing an apple (easy) for breakfast, I cooked sunny-side-up eggs. Those went on whole wheat english muffins with slices of Canadian bacon and asiago cheese. I located my daily planner (which I seem to have not used since March) and got ready to make a doctor’s appointment.

Dialed up the doctor’s office, listened to the recording and waited to be told which number to press for new appointments. Only it never came. The office is closed for lunch and the voicemail is off. It’s just a recording of basic information.

And all my motivation went out the window. Took my good attitude with it.

Ham (the dog) has his filming debut on Monday, so I need to reschedule my own haircut. After the doctor’s office debacle I can’t even get myself to dial the salon. Totally derailed.

If I can’t even reschedule a haircut, how on Earth am I going to write a blog post? Here is how that mental task went:

* Purchased a maxi dress yesterday for an unbelievable price. I’m totally into maxi dresses right now. Into, as in looking for and wanting more, not as in owning. I could talk about maxi dresses and provide some good options. Ugh, but I’ve already been shopping, online and in person and I’ve only found one, so far. Nope, not a maxi dress post.

* A DSLR camera finally came into my life! This is BEYOND exciting! But right now the actual camera is with Tall Guy, so I don’t even have a picture of it, and I haven’t learned how to use it. I need to learn how to use it, stat, before we get to Asheville for that wedding! (anyone have any online tutorial suggestions?)

* Speaking of Asheville, need to find us a place to stay in Savannah on our way up there. Also need to research Savannah just a wee bit to determine what we should do in the limited time we have there. (anyone have any Savannah suggestions?)

* Speaking of Asheville, do I even have something to wear to that wedding? I should go try on the dresses I already own (and have never worn). Ugh, that sounds like a lot of effort and potential frustration if they don’t fit.

* I could write about my trip to the dump yesterday. Hauling a portion of our deck there and unloading it by myself while surrounded by a bunch of men, and their trucks, who had trouble believing I could move even one plank by myself. Eh, well, that sentence kind-of covers that. What else is there to say?

* I wonder if the doctor’s office has opened back up, yet.

Yes, the lunch hour was over. Three additional phone calls later I have an appointment for the end of July.

Now, about that haircut…


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  • Alana Livingston
    June 4, 2015

    I think I would have called it a day and crawled back into bed at noon–I’m sorry : (
    Hope tomorrow is better!

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