Monday to-do list


Oh, Monday, you sneaky little sneaker, you. There are suddenly a lot of projects/appointments on my schedule this week and I’m hoping to get a significant start on things today.

Scratch that.

was hoping to get a significant start, today. It feels like I may already be falling behind.

First on the to-do list is clean-up from Valentine’s Day. Get your minds out of the gutter! I’m talking about the kitchen! As predicted, we opted to stay in on Saturday evening and cook dinner together. However, we did not end up trying out a new recipe. We’re both creatures of habit and ended up going with our usual celebration dinner. We picked up steaks from the local meat market (a New York strip and a bacon-wrapped filet) and, as a last-minute at-the-cash-register decision, crab-stuffed mushrooms. We paired those with brown and wild rices and a new (but exceptionally simple) carrot recipe – balsamic glazed carrots. The first bottle of the evening was Saint Emilion. We had a fire going in the fireplace, set down our dinner and… turned on the NBA All-Star Competition. Yes. We are the most romantic couple you’ve ever met. Anywho, I maaaaay have put off cleaning up the pans, bottles and dishes until today.

We finished the evening with vanilla sheet cake with buttercream icing. My honey knows the way to my heart.

VDay Cake

Right, so back to that list of things I need to get cracking on…

I’m actually multi-tasking at this very moment, watching last night’s Bachelor episodes On Demand (to prep for Girls Night) as I type. Totally forgot it was on last night because I was so excited to watch the SNL 40th Anniversary special (which Miley and Kanye made less special). I’ve been to a few spots in Iowa, including Des Moines, where the girls are staying, but never Arlington. These girls have no idea what they signed up for! Watching Jade experience the emptiness of Arlington could be a nasty little omen – could any of these women legitimately change their lives from city girls, to television “stars” in penthouse suites, to a farm in the middle of nowhere? Chris may lose everyone just because of his geographical status. Also, my Bachelor Bracket seems to be a complete failure – as any good Cubs fan says, wait ’til next year!

List! List!

Another room in our house is getting a facelift – paint! This time I managed to choose a color after only five test patches, which may be a record. I’m notorious for waffling, rethinking and worrying the issue to death. I’ve done a lot of color in our house already, so it was time to tackle a neutral.

Paint swatches

Prepping the room and taping up edges is necessary today. It would be great to also get the paint up this afternoon, but there’s still more…

PiYo – I totally fell off this weekend. And ate sheet cake.

General cleaning – my parents are coming in for a visit in less than a week, so things need to be tidied up.

Groceries – at this moment we’re limited to Ramen and one last box of mac and cheese. And sheet cake.

Hm. Perhaps I should actually get started on some of these things, instead of just writing about them. Hopefully you all enjoyed your weekends and are getting a good start on the new week. Or just making it through Monday – which is an accomplishment in itself.


  • Kasey
    February 16, 2015

    “as any good cubs fan would say” oh, I lol’ed. literally. also I am totally jumping on the bachelor bracket for next season! that also sounds like a perfect valentine’s day if you ask me (my celebrations included pizza, netflix, + laundry)

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      February 16, 2015

      Nice! Had the All-Star competition not been on, I feel fairly certain we would have ended up hanging out with Netflix, too.

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