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As of this moment I’ve *finally* installed a denim background (although I’m already reconsidering the idea – not sure I like the outcome), put up the new (tentative) logo, made some edits and rearranged the sidebar/menus and most importantly, updated the Jeans and a Tank Top “About” page. Which resulted in two separate about pages – one for the blog and one for me. Check them out!

About Jeans and a Tank Top – the Blog

About Jeans and a Tank Top – the Author

While trying to maintain a focus on blog/site updates, my mind keeps wandering to Thanksgiving dinner. The husband (still strange to use that word!) and I will be hosting our dear friends, Javi (aka The Gravy Master) and Cait. While I gathered all the necessary ingredients yesterday, nothing has been started. My famous pumpkin pie will be undergoing a change as I attempt, for the first time, to make a gluten-free crust from scratch. Fingers crossed that it’s still delicious and flaky!

What I’m looking forward to the most? Using our new Waterford Quinn crystal glasses! Many thanks to the friends and family who gifted us with the beautiful glasses for our wedding!

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Do you have any unique recipes?

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