Love one another

This blog is not a news outlet. I am not a journalist. While the individual posts of this blog can’t truly be corralled under a single topic, I avoid legitimately newsworthy current events because they’re usually depressing. I don’t want to post something that is disheartening. Despite my best intentions, sometimes there is something so important that to ignore it, even something ugly and horrific, would feel wrong. It would feel like a lie. I want this space to be an honest reflection of me and my thoughts, and today my soul is in pain.

Charleston, South Carolina, has been the site of an incomprehensible tragedy. While the community directly affected suffers more deeply, the events at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church wound us all.

There have been a great deal of recent events, across the United States, upon which I have not commented. That does not mean I’ve missed them, ignored them, or not felt emotions like sorrow, anger and frustration. In a time when we are constantly being subject to images and actions of hate and ignorance, I wanted to create a small place in which we (I) could retreat. Briefly avoid the ugliest of realities.

Not today.

I have not been able to come up with words appropriate, sufficient, worthy of the latest horror. However, Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr., said several things which cut to the core, the truth, of what makes Wednesday night’s events so truly hideous.

“Obviously the most intolerant and unbelievable act possible … The only reason someone could walk into a church and shoot praying people is out of hate. The only reason. It is the most dastardly act that one could possibly imagine.”

Love one another.


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