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Project Runway has been one of my must-watch television shows since it first aired in 2004. In fact, I remember eagerly anticipating the show for the months leading to the premiere. Despite keeping the timed-challenge/runway/elimination format, and retaining the host, mentor and judges throughout each season, the show has changed dramatically (pun intented – keep reading).

As Project Runway gained popularity, each season became a little less about the design and production of the garments, and a little more (sometimes a lot more) about the interpersonal drama. While I am still a loyal fan, I have no reservations in saying that the first season was the best. The huge success that Project Runway enjoyed in its infancy was due to the unique (at that time) subject of fashion design and a real focus on the amount of inspiration, talent and detail behind the scenes of that glamourous world, served with just a splash of drama (think vermouth in your martini).

That being said, Klum and her crew have me hooked. Heidi’s runway-announcement attire is always worth a look. Occassionally awful, she’s usually wearing something fabulous that’s just slightly more unique than the fare fashion mags are serving up. Also, her similes when describing a garment she doesn’t like are usually as humorous as they are harsh. I count on the impeccably accessorized Nina Garcia to not only demand taste from the designers, but her ability to elucidate what components add or detract from the overall quality of a look. Michael Kors, despite his oddly orange hue, is a riot. His one-line evaluations of a piece are hysterical and always dead-on. And Tim Gunn? I just love Tim Gunn. I don’t feel any need to explain this. He’s Tim Gunn.

As for this season – season 10 – I don’t have any brilliant insights as of yet. Nor do I truly have a favorite designer. The best I can do, at this point, is to say that Elena Slivnyak has some control and anger issues that should be addressed by a professional, and I’m not impressed with her shoulder-pads-on-steroids obsession; and Gunnar Deatherage puts me into a death rage every time he speaks. The kid (and no matter what his age in relation to my own, he acts about 12, so he’s a kid) is both arrogant and delusional.

Despite its evolution from fascinating ingenue to guilty pleasure, I still love Project Runway. And highly recommend it.

All the official info for Project Runway – Season 10 is here

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