Jumpsuit for joy!

Remember yesterday’s post? The one which specified there would be no shopping for new clothes until after a closet purge had taken place? The best intentions…

Today, while innocently performing necessary errands, I happened upon an item that I’ve been dreaming about… and the No Shopping edict went right out the window. For the record, the intended errands were not thrown out – kitchen knickknacks were found and Halloween costume segments were purchased (some of which will have to be returned – the downside of attempting to shop for a 6’8″ man).

In the pursuit of the kitchen items, my travels took me into TJMaxx. Deals at TJMaxx can be so amazing that it’s hard for me to stay in one department. Wandering from kitchen to clothes, I ran across two – TWO – black jumpsuit options.

Background: for a long time, I’ve waffled on rompers and jumpsuits. They’re a cute option that can go so very, very badly. On the occasions that find me desiring either the short or long version, I’m usually dissuaded by poor fit. My long waist and healthy booty just don’t work well in items created for the average woman with seams at both the shoulders and the crotch. I was content with indecision on the subject, and since fit was such an issue, it didn’t seem like there was any need to take a stand. And then Kimber. Kimber started working as a bridal stylist shortly before I departed. Kimber is fun, friendly and rocks a chic work look. She’s significantly shorter than I am, and very busty. One day she walked into the boutique in a black jumpsuit. It had a v-neck with a long ruffle that dropped just past the waistline at the center of the v. The pants were lightweight and loose, the perfect drape for any leg shape. It took me all of about 30 seconds to become obsessed. Naturally, Kimber found it at TJMaxx… several years ago. While I knew that particular jumpsuit was an impossibility, I began dreaming of a similar jumpsuit that would fit and flatter.

Photo on right borrowed from Posh Boutique - PoshBoutiqueStores.com

Photo on right borrowed from Posh Boutique

Return to this afternoon, when I ran across the two black jumpsuit options at TJMaxx. The first option, with a halter neck and blouson top, was too snug from top to bottom. The other jumpsuit had a loose camisole style top with adjustable straps. While it wasn’t the same as the version Kimber owned, it was similar in all the ways that made me fall in love with hers. AND IT FIT! Done and Done. As of October 28, 2014, there were both black and blue options at my local TJMaxx. By label Eight-Sixty, retail price for this jumpsuit is $118, and TJMaxx price is $39.

Despite buying clothes when I specifically intended not to do just that, I have absolutely no regrets on this purchase. Anything that fits well and flatters is always a welcome addition to the closet. Also, since the top and bottom are all in one piece, I don’t have to worry about pairing it with another item. Who knows, maybe next spring I’ll try out a romper! If your local TJMaxx doesn’t have the Eight-Sixty style shown above, here are some other great romper and jumpsuit options:




  • Niki
    November 6, 2014

    OMG that Brigitte Bailey romper! NEED. I love Eight-Sixty, too. I have two of their maxi dresses and they’re by far my favorites. I am not allowed to spend any money (not even after a closet purge) but I’m really temped after seeing this! Ha.

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      November 6, 2014

      It’s such a good price, it barely counts – do it! (I may be an enabler)

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