The joy of replacing a cell phone (and a little Cleveland)

Last Wednesday morning Tall Guy and I flew from warm and sunny Florida into cold and cloudy Cleveland. We met Tall Guy’s parents at the rental car center and headed towards my parents’ house. Funny thing about hometowns. I can drive myself around and get where I need to go, but after a few (or several) years, my recollection of street names begins to falter. If I’m driving, I can get places. But as a passenger, or a navigator, I’m not so effective. It’s embarrassing to use GPS in your hometown. Even worse when you know GPS isn’t going the most direct route, but attempting to circumvent the suggested routes becomes a series of wrong turns and ending up somewhere one hadn’t intended.


Shortly after we’d arrived at my childhood home, my cell phone went swimming. Or for a bath. Unclear what the phone’s true intentions were, but clearly they involved water. A quick rescue and toweling off seemed to be effective. Screen still swiping at touch and everything looking clear. Foolish, foolish me. A double-check of the phone, approximately ten minutes later, showed that the screen appeared to be functioning, but wasn’t fully responding to touch. It was suggested that I turn the phone off. An excellent idea… but impossible since touch wasn’t working. The phone, still turned on, went into a bag of rice. After a couple hours the screen wouldn’t light up/turn on at all. We left the phone plugged in and went to dinner. Just before retiring for the night, we checked the phone and found the screen seemed to be back, and functioning to a very small degree. Hope!

Unfortunately, the late-night screen return was a glitch. By morning the screen was completely black. The apps, and phone itself, continued to function. The phone continued to ring, and sound alerts, but without any way to see what was coming in. Cue the beginning of drama involved with replacing a phone.

I began writing out the details of the Verizon debacle, but have decided to give you the short version.

• Trip to Verizon in Beachwood, Ohio.
• Phone call – from Verizon store – to Asurion (Verizon insurance). (Disconnected)
• Second phone call to Asurion (from car). Directed to call Verizon 800 number.
• Phone call to Verizon 800 number. Directed to call Verizon where phone was purchased (Florida).
• Phone call to Florida Verizon store. Directed to call TechProtect (3rd party insurance carrier).
• Phone call to TechProtect. Directed to go into any Verizon “cellular sales” store to pick up replacement phone.
• Trip to Verizon in Beachwood, Ohio. They are not a “cellular sales” location. (Yes, they do sell phones) Directed to another Verizon in Beachwood.
• Phone call to second Beachwood Verizon. They also sell phones, but are not a “cellular sales” location.
• Phone call to Florida Verizon, request closest “cellular sales” location. Indianapolis? No. Columbus? No. Directed to call Verizon in Columbus.
• Phone call to Verizon in Columbus. That IS the closest “cellular sales” location to Cleveland.
• Phone call to TechProtect, request phone be overnighted. Informed they can only overnight a phone to Columbus. To send to ME, it will take two days.
• Phone call to Florida Verizon. Confirm replacement phone in stock, have put on hold.
• Trip to Florida Verizon. Pick up replacement phone.

Yes, that was the short version.

More Cleveland stories another day. I’m SPENT!



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